Truism - Essays

No 01

Jesuits vs. Zionism:

Was there a time when the Vatican Church existed without Christianity? It has been a long-standing institution before the introduction of Christianity, and since its introduction, it has been an amalgamation of secret societies and Christianity and has interacted through the ages with the public and society, and has possible other hidden threads of knowledge and of illumination that runs with it.

No 02

Deconstruction of Symbols, Man & the Trinity part 1:

The study of symbolism suggests a conspiracy that is intentional to convey a psychic inception of motifs and aesthetic that is subversive, and our media backed by corporatism seems to be held responsible. These powers of suggestion have ties to historical symbolism, to have hidden knowledge and hidden history.

No 03

Deconstruction of Symbols, Man & the Trinity part 2:

The All-Seeing Eye symbol has taken a sinister influence. This symbol has two sets of magic applied to it; the first - is magic in a sense all energies and blame and guilt are focused on the symbol rather than the shadow groups that use it.

No 04

Energy drainers, Narcissists & Vampires:

‘I need a link with this century’, an admission of a fallacy in oneself of an inability to change or update his psyche to the ever-changing transient age.

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