Truism - Essays

No 01

Corruption of Symbols and Meanings and its Dialectical Contentions - Part 1:

Truth as a notion of a dialectical psychological operation is like telling people breathing air is heresy, so by adding the word ‘movement’ after the word truth as to be ‘truth-movement’, that is like a wave set to hit the shore of contemporary ideals.

No 02

Hyperreal-space vs. Space-real

There is a dialectical contention between scientism and enclosed-creationism on the notion of ‘space’ that it might not favour a cosmological theory, but leans towards an enclosed system and that ‘space’ is a hyperreal – (space) notion.

No 03

New Age vs. Fundamentalist Christians:

In order to understand the dialectical contention between these two belief systems you must first understand their fallacies, and in understanding those fallacies one can understand the dialectical argument.

No 04

Darwin Evolution vs. Intelligent design (Creationism):

Science misrepresents itself by excluding other notions that doesn’t match their rigid interpretation resulting in a transfixed interpretation hindering the intellectual development for people who are undecided.

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