Truism - Essays

No 01

Defining Truth, Occultism, Consciousness, and the fallacy of the New Age:

There is claim that the New Age focuses on the observing and letting things just happen, and that it is overly feminine, a right-side brain dominance that causes a slave like mentality fostered by ignorance.

No 02

Defining Truth, Occultism, Consciousness, and the meaning if Ignorance:

There are two ways to view ignorance in accordance with the whole; ignorance as cowardice is slavery, or as; ignorance of indifference is power.

No 03

What is a Spiritual ‘Monad’?

H.P Blavatsky, and William Q, judge the term “Monad” as the application of two highest “principles” of the inner, spiritual constitution of the human being, namely Atma and Buddhi, which are usually termed the seventh and sixth principles of man.

No 04

Prometheus’s Fire or Lucifer’s Light:

Elaborating on Martin Euser concise research on the composite constitute of man utilising theosophy as its skeleton from authors like Blavatsky, Vitvan and others. One paper in particular is the Prometheus myth having an association with the higher human monad.

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