Truism - Essays

No 01

Deftones the greatest rock band in the World:

Rock ‘n’ Roll in a way is a re-invention a revival of sorts that can be traced back to the Stone Age, the ceremonial gathering after a hunt, the banging of the drums, taking psychedelics and getting lost in the rhythmic sound.


Archons and their hyperspace technology, and the case for biological android assumptions:

I'm certain it's a form of abduction taking place in your dreams. They seem to have technology that's influenced in sound frequency hertz that they tune in, then manipulate and place their dream technology onto yours.


UFO phenomenon and the rise of the technocrats:

Truth has a habit of reveling itself like water it will find a way to surface or slip into cracks and crevices. One of those ways is through abductions both as real and the hyppreal dream state.

No 04

Belief systems interpreted through philosophy:

Evangelical fundamentalist religion and the New Age are just systems, a system that we are attuned too. Both are wavering structures in the collective consciousness of the enlightened, but not in the physical economic global model.

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