Truism - Essays

No 01

Truth movement or is it actually truth management:

Anyone indoctrinating you into an oath is evil, it can be a blood oath as-well (blood over intent), because there declaring they do not want you to a be creative being, and extract your own meaning, even though what there preaching is true, or half truth.

No 02

Understanding light particles, and thought emotions, and the case for a revision:

Where consciousness observes matter appears, quantum physics state that the person performing the experiment influences the outcome, conciseness can change the outcome of the experiment.

No 03

Deconstructing Terence Mckenna:

Mckenna, legitimatizes the psychedelia concept by showing that these things are not alien to the human experience, or ancillary. He states that the psychedelic experience and the impact of psychedelic plants on human beings is central to understanding who we are,

No 04

Understanding Sleep Paralysis, and energy Vampires, and how to stop it:

The sleep paralysis phenomenon takes many archetypes, incubus's and succubus, the old hag, demon possession, shadow people, and alien abduction's, and it really can't be held down to one description.

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