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List of Truthers/Disinformers/Gray Area in the Field of Ufology

I have been researching the UFO subject for 10 years now and in order to reflect on what I have learned so far I decided to make a list of truthers/disinformers in ufology and why I have come to believe this.

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What Is Faith?

It is often proclaimed that faith is an blind leap to a conclusion of truth. The late logician and philosopher Bertrand Russell is noted to have once remarked “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong”; a sentiment we perhaps find ourselves agreeing with on more occasions than we may candidly admit.

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Power of Mundra - Online Psychic

There are numerous form of yoga therapy available today, some of which focus on the therapeutic effects over the mind, others which center on the physical fitness aspects. Yet another form, Yoga Mudra, is the art of the proper use of hands in order to channel the energy properly through the body.

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The reality of the Omnipresence of God

All theistic religions believe in the omnipresence of God. Among them Hinduism most emphatically speaks of the presence of Divinity in every human being. At any given point in time Divinity is equally present in all, but not equally manifest.

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