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Corruption of Symbols and Meanings and its Dialectical Contentions - Part 5 - final:

Jesuits vs. Zionism:

Was there a time when the Vatican Church existed without Christianity? It has been a long-standing institution before the introduction of Christianity, and since its introduction, it has been an amalgamation of secret societies and Christianity and has interacted through the ages with the public and society, and has possible other hidden threads of knowledge and of illumination that runs with it. This suggests that the Church was infiltrated by the those secret societies, which was known to be formed in the 1770s in Bavaria, whether these secret societies has been around before its known formation that lasted throughout the Egyptian times can’t be confirmed and so open to speculation. Because of recent debate over the real shape of the earth has made the date of secret societies formation a possible false truism, due to the emergence of science with the likes of Galileo, Copernicus, Bernini and Bruno which were 200 years before the formation of the Illuminati. It’s evident that these heliocentric teachers were Freemason members, and freemasonry may have been a pre-Illuminati group that started with the Knights of Templar. The Church viewed these men of science as heretics as it went against their orthodoxy, the notion of planets rotating around the sun was a mere formality as they were more concerned that all attention was on the sun, and the Church may not of wanted people going back to an archaic sun worship mentality, be it a different kind of sun-worship; with science being the sun’s new coating. This gives the notion that the Church’s dismissal on scientific progress drove a wench among the secret society forcing them to go in hiding. So much so it sparked the secret society to come into fruition in secret, a clever notion that absolves the Church from any responsibility. This notion is fed to the mainstream people who are demoralized; this attempt to tip-toe a broader truth is a common misinformation scenario. The Church have always worshipped the sun (and black-Sun) in a pagan way, but with the adoption of Christianity they now worship it differently, and that's through secrecy and symbolism.

One must realise throughout the formation of the Templars that they created two sects of freemasonry, one; the York rite, which was essentially Catholic, and two; Scottish rite that was protestant, but were both controlled by the Papacy. They were revived in the early 1700s by the Jesuits seeking to bring back the Templars that had been suppressed by Pope Clement the fifth in 1312 they would use them as workers for the Jesuits that carried out their designs. They revived freemasonry in 1754 and those Freemasons wrote the first 25 degrees of Scottish rite in the college of Clermont in Paris France in seeking to restore the Stewart of the throne of England. There were also two schisms in the Masonic group that brought freemasonry out of Jesuit control, the first schism paved the way for the high Freemasons of France to call for the explosion of the Jesuits out of France, Spain and Portugal and also refusing to their bidding. So Jesuits had enemies with these high Freemasons, but later got back to terms with the supreme council of the 33rd degree, but initially the Jesuits had every intention to use high level freemasonry as its stool pigeon to enforce the pope’s temple power.

Hitler was part of the last of the three Reichs which was the third Reich created by the Jesuits, which was a Catholic Reich. The first Reich: was the Holy Roman Empire which in itself had three major factions vying for the rule of Jerusalem, the first; was the order of Holy Sepulchre, and the Knights of Malta which was the first crusade that was established, and all the branches associated with the Knights of Malta can be traced back to the Blessed Bernhard, in which he was an assistant for King Baldwin, Baldwin being the king of Jerusalem at the time. The second; Were the Knights of Temple (Knights of Templars), and the Third; being Teutonic Knights, which was a German crusading faction, ultimately they were all part of first Roman Empire. The second Reich: Hohenzollern Germany, which was created by Bismarck and Wilhelm the first in 1871 which was a protestant Reich. All three massive crusading pursuits was in order for the Council of Trent, the SS was the revival of the Teutonic Knights and the Knights of Malta was involved because […] was part of the Knights of Malta and was held responsible for putting Hitler to power.

What you must realize is that World War Two was a manufactured event planned and executed by powerful elites, with the end goal to dominate and ruin the sovereign people of Germany and to pursue the creation state of Israel, all in accordance with biblical prophecy (Satanic position of the Babylon messiah), the prophecy itself is ‘myth’, but it is used by the established elite as a strategic playbook. (Watch - all wars are banker wars) Some believe Hitler was a Khazarian Zionists placed into power to justify the homecoming of all Jews to the new Israel with disregard of Jews that are not pure-race. The United States recruited NAZI scientists after World War Two, known as project paper clip. America smuggled in thousands and gave them immunity for past war crimes they committed in. Scientists through generations became the NASA organization, and most are Masons and Mormons.

The Swastika was adopted and inverted to corrupt its symbolic meaning, and the term 'Aryan' has a special sinister history since the Nazis used it for their idea of the 'chosen' people, being the German race. The original term ‘Aryan’ is mentioned in the Indian sacred books, the Vedas. ‘Aryan’ alludes to the wise men, the rishis or seers of northern India. It was later redefined by the Orientalists who have made ‘Aryans’ of all Europeans. The Nazi-writers then adopted the word and redefined it to mean the German race. Extreme right-wing groups has also been found to use the term “Aryan race” to mean the white race, the national alliance a right-wing group adopted the term ‘natural order’ to convey their idea of the position of the white race. This confusion of meaning arises in people’s minds and thoughts and they don’t realize what Blavatsky’s definition of such a notion to mean ‘type of consciousness’, ‘principle of consciousness to be developed’, etc., and not that of skin colour. Indians view this connotation as something to be admired as its part of their Vedic terminology, as oppose to the racist one.


The corruption of this symbolic meaning has been finger-pointed to theosophy; however, it was Jorg Lanzvon Liebenfels who is a Nazi writer to a large extent is responsible for this denigration of ancient symbols and scriptures. He is responsible for developing the movement of ariosophy, a debased version of theosophy. They’re responsible for the debased version of Friedrich Nietsche’s term “Uebermensch”.

America was founded by two parallel forces, one; the Christian, and two; the Occult dating back to the 1600s. The god-fearing Christians were known as puritans (pilgrims) that came to the new-world to seek religious freedom from the Church of England, the Anglican Church. This event paved the way to define America as Christian nation, but there were other groups that settled that weren’t Christians. These groups were deep in Masonic secrecy deep in esoteric teachings; this included the forefathers, and during the time of the declaration those people were involved in Masonry, however, at the same time most of them were also Christians. It is believed that these two parallel is still playing out this game and has become a timeless struggle, and in order to find the truth is to look between the two. Adam Weishaupt brought the Illuminati Jesuit ‘Order’ to America, but he was a Professor of Vatican Canon Law before he established the Illuminati. While Weishaupt Brought the Illuminati, it was Albert Pike that brought the Scottish Rite Freemasonry to America. Pike was a powerful Freemason at the time, but was controlled by the Jesuits, and is known for being the primary Templar Coadjutor to oversee freemasonry for America. Freemasonry would be the vehicle by which the black Pope would rule the government, banking, academia and religion for his empire.

To understand the notion of Jesuits and Zionism being two different machines of power, you must understand the mandate for heaven (to upset the cosmic order) and the duality of factions (far-fetched as it may seem). According to Eric Jon Phelps, a self-proclaimed Jesuit expert was found to be an Israeli Diamond Trader gives his many claim (or, conspiracy) less credibility - due to his recent outing, those that are unproven - leans towards a fictional narrative, but it’s interesting never the less. Phelps being part of the (Evangelical), anti-Lucifer and anti-Catholic groups that believe Catholicism is secretly worshipping Babylonian King Nimrod or a potentiality of that (Babylon Messiah). He may very well be a Zionist shill or a possible white supremacist and Jesuit temporal coadjutor while claiming others as coadjutor. You can see how well dialectical-division-mind-control works when someone is all of the above. However, his narrative/conspiracy/fact for the Vatican (Catholic Church) to upset the cosmic order, by putting in the satanic position, which is to put the Babylon Messiah to power, has a scary synchronistic merit. He elaborates on the light and dark positions.

The first; being Jesus Christ, for all the authority has been given to him pursuing to Mathew 28:18:19, which gives him juror control. The second; the devil, in which he has de-facto control, in order for these two heads of Kingdoms to complete their prophecy, Israel must be re-gathered or reconstituted as a nation so it can enter into the time of the 78 week of years of the prophet of Daniel (Daniel: 9:24:27). So there is a future time in which Israel will be re-purposed so when the devil attempts to destroy the Jews, the messiah will come (or return) and the Jews will look upon him and realize the one they hated from its inception is the one that’s going to deliver them. For this to happen there must be habitat of Jerusalem with Jews, this is the biblical position, in the satanic position; Satan wanted to establish his Babylon Messiah since the day Adam fell, this is where the myth of the phoenix coming out of the ashes came from. The phoenixes with its two heads represent two lives, one; he dies and two; he comes back to life, this is the anti-Christ. This anti-Christ is represented as the Babylon Messiah, which is represented as the final Pope dying and coming (resurrecting) back to life. For this to happen there must be an Israel and a third temple and a rebuilt city of Babylon.

The mandate for heaven; is about the dichotomy of the cosmic order in heaven (the spiritual world) being interrupted and how it relates to social political movements of today (predominately on how the U.S. wants to completely run the Middle East). One of the reasons the American Military reactions from post-9/11 were to get rid of weapons of mass destruction, which seems to be a sleight of hand a distraction for the acquisition of historical artifacts from their museums, for the possibility of fast racking the Popes position – to what end? who knows. Lucifer (Prometheus) upset the order by taking the light (the faculty of thinking) and giving it to humanity thereby upsetting the cosmic order (there have also been other incidents in heaven evident in historical myth that caused some other cosmic disorders). All of which has parallels to the Popes wish to be ‘mythically’ resurrected using everything in his disposal of control to create his satanic position. This very position is upsetting the established order, but a different kind of order, one that works itself for good, ‘I’m sure Palestine wants its country back.’ How many countries want its own sovereign nation back, or is it the believe that denying the established order is bad, this sympathy for the disorder is fatalism and will always come at a price.

In the Babylonian version of Lucifer he was not the devil, he was more akin to the “firstborn son of God” and the “shepherd of mankind” who was “the door,” that blocked the gods of war. He was even called on to drive out demons, (parallel with Jesus). The Babylonian Lucifer defended his people with “Zeal.” Lucifer is the latest incarnation comparatively to other historical incarnation of the past; he was condemned and exiled in age where heavenly authority shared common ground with collective conscious of the people. His bound to be freed in an age when authority is seen corrupt and illegitimate, not matter where you sit on the ideological spectrum. Lucifer’s mythical history goes back to the twenty-fifth centuries before Jesus, and was called upon by magicians and sorcerers for thousands of years – Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian Magi; the Jewish people also recognized his elemental power. Lucifer was a god of the people and not the temple, and was called upon when things seem to hit an apocalyptic level. - Knowels, C

Zionism (Rothschild-Zionists) is one of the major players in the established new order, but it would seem through tracing history and analyzing what is presented, it’s more than likely the Vatican is at the top. In breaking down the process of establishing who is ultimately on top, as to break this dialectical stalemate, is to set them up side by side. An important thing to remember and is irrefutable is the amount of times the Jews have been kicked out of countries, but what is astonishing is the Vatican has been kicked out of countries as well, but never gets a mention. When they do get kicked out they make immediate plans to take it over again. When you set both Zionist conspiracy and Jesuit (Vatican) conspiracy together it would seem that their principles (for world domination) is a perfect match.

The Zionists came from the Fabian socialists in Britain, Beatrice and Sidney Webb and Bernard Shaw were part of this group that formed in 1884, and this group was also implicated in the writing of ‘1984’ by Orwell. The Zionists has been in power for later part of 200 years while the Vatican has been in power for 1000 years, an 800 year head start. Jesuits gave all the backing for Zionism to occur, and the so-called document that is the ‘Talmud’, which most racial Jews are not familiar with, is a re-construction or close to that of the cannon law, this 60 volume documents is evil in its context for its racial supremacy doctrine. Possibly put together by Jews serving aided and embedded by certain priests serving the Papacy.

There also seems to be a rise in blaming the Jews as the ultimate root of upheavals and despair with the likes of truth groups such as Red Ice Radio to flat earth activist Eric Dubay pushing this narrative, so much so as to make Hitler a type of hero. Which releases the dictator of any responsibility and enforce a type of scapegoat, for the cause of evil was a mere self-defense from a rising economic corporate power (federal Banks), this scapegoat aspect could very well be a setup to take the focus from actual rulers and set place and blame a pre-boogy-man. The research they brought forward, to outline the conspiracy can very well be true only to a certain point it’s not. Jesuit polemicist Augustin Barruel (known as the father of Jewish conspiracies) was a French Jesuit priest who wrote the French Revolution was planned and executed by the secret societies (the Bavarian Illuminati and Freemasonry) in 1797. In 1806, however, Barruel circulated a letter calling attention to the nonexistent Jewish conspiracy he had earlier attributed to the secret societies. Holocaust deniers argue that Hitler seized bankers fortune, branches of the Rothschild, and he also outlawed freemasonry in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Holland and Belgium. So these certain scenarios absolves him of crime and puts him up as a hero model because he took on the Freemasons on and nearly won.People forget Freemasons put Hitler into power and it was high Elites like Harriman, Rockefeller, and Bush that helped finance Hitler and his war in secret. In the documentary ‘Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick’ outlines that it was the higher Echelon Elites that financed both sides of the war. So the question is … are you being deceived as to who the real power is? Or is it just an elaborate chess game.

David Icke brought this truism of Rothschild-Zionism to the public light, and outlines that there is a clear distinction between Jews and (political) Rothschild-Zionism. The majority of Jews are not familiar with the Talmud in which the initiated elite Jews are, and that Jewish people are victims to the Zionists. He says Rothschild-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, because Zionism is not about Jewish people and is predominantly a political system putting its secret agencies in power. Zionism and Judaism are diametrically opposed, and that the Rothschild dynasty created Israel, Outlines that Jews are only two percent of America, yet they dominate the controlling money for both Democrats and Republicans. That there are only three countries left without a Rothschild controlled central bank, Iran; North Korea; Cuba. And he describes Palestine a perfect example for the definition of Genocide in which Israel (Political-Zionists) has systematically taken over their land (nation), racial, religious infrastructure, with violence and death. This might be all true, but what you must realize about truthers like David Icke, Eric Dubay, Alex Jones and so on … that they are gatekeepers or dis/mis-info agents that awake you to the truth, but only for you to realize that there is another layer of truth that their hiding or steering you away from. Dubay - want mention the Jesuits and the Vatican, David - want mention Flat Earth, and Jones - want mention Zionism. There is no complete truther out there, instead what is in place are managers of perception, and their always in the realms of either/or extremes.


North America is the last great strong hold for the Jesuit created Zionist order and fundamentalists in place to impose a fascist regime along with the coming martial law, which is evident through the Walmart conspiracy. At the same time hypnotize Americans with hoaxes, both in a local and federal level, federal meaning big events; the local incidentally is not exclusive to America, with mass shootings, media propaganda (both in entertainment and news), and so forth. To compose scenarios akin to what David Ike calls; ‘problems, reaction, solution’ as a cover to implement (my speculation) a means to neutralize what the established elites deem problematic that doesn’t fit corporate interests and the Jesuit mandate for heaven.

The word “fundamentalism” is not a group because it can’t be tied down (it’s more of an ideology), in recent years it has always been applied to religious extremists around the world. However, it’s an offshoot of Christianity invented in Britain in the 1820s by John Nelson Darby, the founder of a small evangelical sect called the Plymouth Brethren. Darby argued that certain Bible verse, when properly rearranges and reinterpreted, revealed a system of seven ages or ‘dispensations,’ and detailed prediction of the end of the world. His 12 volume books circulated around America, it gained an audience and soon fundamentalist churches became the core reactionary political movement. Then, it spread around the world. Fundamentalism is not a secret society, but it has had a massive role in shaping ideas about secret societies in the western world, mostly anti-secret society propaganda. Fundamentalism has a long history of connections with secret societies that support its agenda. In 1920s America, for example, the Ku Klux Klan and fundamentalist churches were close allies, (this includes some Evangelical churches).

Evangelists who are pro-Zionism like John Haggy leader of the CUFI organization are annoying fundamentalists that are firmly pro-Catholic, like Independent Baptist and You-tuber Steven Anderson. He outlines what David Icke already talked about, only difference is he excludes racial Jews thereby unconsciously giving them an inclusive quality to the Zionist-order. Don’t forget Zionism is a creation of the Jesuit-order, which is Catholic, which Anderson is apart off. Anderson is a fundamentalist hiding behind the Baptist institution (coadjutor), their tricky like that, they are like Trojan horses. His documentary or propaganda piece outlines his guerrilla interview style, which was more like integration than interviews. They are all in the same boat, just more illusion, separateness, and dialecticism; they are dangling a carrot of control in front us hoping we can change current thought that can motivate action, when they know it’s feudalistic to even attempt to reach for it.

Zionist order and Jesuit Order are interlinked, and are all working for the one unifying order (NWO). The Rothschild controls the federal Banks (world banks, IMF, ECB) and within the hierarchy of Banks exist front-mans who handle relations within the bank. J.P Morgan was that front-man and during his time was the richest man in America, but only controlled 17 percent of its wealth, the Rothschilds controlling the remaining 83 percent. All the media from entertainment (Disney, Warner Bros, etc.) to news crop (Fox, CNN, etc.) are Mafia and Jewish controlled. And the independent media that’s predominantly on the internet; has been hijacked as well, with dis-info agents (Cointelpro) and trolls firmly placed.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild is a member of the Knights of Malta, and he is responsible for the creation of the Rothschild banking dynasty. The symbol associated with this role is a four indent triangles with the entire apex facing each other, think star trek symbol mirrored, and also the black nobility image is associated as well.

The Jesuits (Papacy) created Islam in 610, to put forward Islam as a sort of Church, and is why Islam killed of the racial Jews alongside Christians in Arabia and North Africa. This spread throughout Spain, where Muslims (Islam) was used to neutralize the Visigoths in Spain and southern France who denied Rome as a pagan trinity, (I.H.S – I-Isis, H-Horus, and S-Set). There was a time Islam denied the Papacy; this was during the time Islam refused to give it back to the Pope, the Pope helping to finance Islam undertaking was not pleased, and so the crusades occurred by the order of the Vatican. The masonic lodge in Cairo is the central point in the Islam brotherhood and therefore whoever rules Cairo rules the Muslim brotherhood.

How the Vatican created Islam: from Cardinal Bea corresponding to Dr. Rivera, “what I’m going to tell you is what I learned in secret briefing in the Vatican when I was a Jesuit priest, under oath and induction. A Jesuit cardinal named Augustina Bea showed how desperately the Roman Catholics wanted Jerusalem at the end of the third century. Because of its religious history and its strategic location the Holy City was considered a priceless treasure. A scheme had to be developed to make Jerusalem a Roman Catholic city.” So the Catholic Church or the Vatican wants the city of Jerusalem because they know how much of a spiritual significance the city is, Jerusalem is also known as heaven from Glatians 4:26 “but Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all.” This spiritual significance is the driving force for the creation of Islam, so the Romans once possessed the city, but during its fall was taken over by heathens and so they made a plan (the creation of Islam) to take that land back. What Cardinal Bea shared in the Vatican was evidence (writings) that links the Vatican to the creation of Islam, which Rivera was present. Rivera wanting to defect from the Church and the Church knowing how much he knew was aware of such information being exposed. The Vatican also helped finance the building of these massive Islamic armies in exchange for three favors:

- Eliminate the Jews and Christians (true believers they’re called infidels)

- Protect the Augustinian Monks and Roman Catholics

- Conquer Jerusalem for “His Holiness” in the Vatican

The Pope realized how much of his creation started to develop its own independence when the Islamic groups started to call the Pope an infidel. An article published by ‘the’ titled ‘Vatican’s Hidden Jerusalem Agenda’ with the main contention of answering why Pope Benedict is visiting Israel, in article, it states:

Back in the mid-1990s, a statement made by Pope John Paul (the second) during an interview in his native Poland, broadcast in Italian over a Polish radio station, was noted by one of our Italian associates. She sent us a transcript of the interview, which included one particularly starting reference made by the pope regarding the Vatican’s ultimate goal of transferring its headquarters from Rome to Jerusalem

What was unusual about this admission of John Paul is that the Vatican’s intentions to possess Jerusalem are seldom publicized and the little commented on. In fact, an air of secrecy - something that the Vatican has a history of creating over various of its affairs over the centuries - has surrounded this project since the failure of the Crusades, the most obvious of the overt and now historical attempts by the Vatican to seize control of the Holy City. Those attempts have a long history with strong attachments to the German nation, right up to the past two world wars, and beyond to our present day.

As far back as the eight century A.D, emissaries were sent to Jerusalem by Emperor Charlemagne to negotiate an agreement with the Muslim Caliph Haroun al-Raschid. The result was that Jerusalem became a protectorate of the Holy Roman Empire.

Historical records indicate that such a protectorate was limited to the oversight of the welfare of Christians, the care and protection of designated holy sites, and the properties of the Roman Catholic Church in Jerusalem. The fact that the caliph would be a financial beneficiary to this enterprise was a given, Muslim support of the Kaiser’s army in World War 1, and again of the Nazi regime in World War 2, was the end result of a long historical nexus between the Muslims and Germany.

From the time of the Charlemagne/Haroun pact, through the attempt by Kaiser Wilhelm to seize Jerusalem in World War One to this day, elements within Germany have historically viewed themselves as protectors of the Roman Catholic Church. From the time of the great crusades, German elites have worked to find ways and means seizing the plum job of protector of Jerusalem.

Both Vatican and German diplomacy in Israel are linked to common end: possession of the Old City of Jerusalem, as well as most of the eastern half of the city. The Jews are the pawns in this grand game of international diplomacy, the Palestinians the all-too-willing grunts on the ground eager to facilitate the division of Jerusalem and the annihilation of the State of Israel in the process.

The Vatican already has a significant presence in Jerusalem by virtue of free access to its holy sites over which Rome has legal jurisdiction, under Israeli Law, including both its institutions and assets in Jerusalem. The consolidation of these arrangements came by virtue of a bilateral agreement termed “The fundamental Agreement Between the Holy See and the State of Israel.” Which the Israeli government signed with the Vatican on Dec, 30, 1993. The terms of this agreement, composed in secret, were subsequently legislated by the Israeli parliament.

The Vatican already has a significant presence in Jerusalem by virtue of free access to its holy sites over which Rome has legal jurisdiction, under Israeli Law, including both its institutions and assets in Jerusalem. The consolidation of these arrangements came by virtue of a bilateral agreement termed “The fundamental Agreement Between the Holy See and the State of Israel.” Which the Israeli government signed with the Vatican on Dec, 30, 1993. The terms of this agreement, composed in secret, were subsequently legislated by the Israeli parliament.

Six months after the signing of the bilateral agreement between Israel and the Vatican, on June 15, 1994, the Israeli government linked a further agreement with the Vatican endorsing the Roman Catholic Church’s participation in negotiations to determine the future of Jerusalem.

Rome was to go on to actively work through its proxies in the ‘peace process’ to exploit Palestinian claims as a means of splitting the city of Jerusalem asunder, seizing the Old City and possessing East Jerusalem. This involved the management of Palestinian aggression as part of the process, regardless of the suffering and loss of life that would inevitably incur. This would in fact be a vital part of the initiative to take East Jerusalem by force in the event of the failure of diplomatic means. The same tactic had been instigated by Germany and Rome in the Balkan Peninsula to achieve a desired result with the implicit UN agreement, with the Serbs becoming the pariah in the world’s view. This time, it’s the Jews who are being pilloried, in particular since the Gaza incursion, in the lead-up to a similar result as that in Kosovo: the seizure of iconic territory of the United Nations.

Journalist Joel Bainerman, a well-known commentator on Israeli affairs, claims, “The end goal of the Vatican is to seize control of the old city of Jerusalem out of the clutches of the State of Israel. To that end they have a secret agreement with Israel which obliges Israel to respect the ‘extraterritorial’ claim to their physical presence in the city. In short, we have accepted the Vatican’s rights to have little Vatican sovereign embassies throughout our eternal capital of Jerusalem.

So these statements indicate an ambiguous conclusion as to who has real power, not just over the city of Jerusalem, but about the conspiracy of power; Jesuit or Zionists, one thing to consider is the Vatican hold full control over the Holy sites. If Israelis really own Israel would they really give up control over those sites? ( in the Article; ‘Mystery, Babylon the Great Catholic or Jewish’ suggests that the Roman Catholic Church is run by Rothschild Zion Order, this is evident through various sources including the Jewish Encyclopedia. The house of Rothschild has been the long-standing trustee of the Vatican’s wealth; the same article states:

“Early in the 19th century the Pope came to the Rothschilds to borrow money. The Rothschilds were very friendly with the Pope, causing one journalist to sarcastically say ‘Rothschild has kissed the hand of the Pope... Order has been reestablished.’ The Rothschilds in fact over time were entrusted with the bulk of the Vatican’s wealth. The Jewish Ency., vol. 2, p. 497 states, ‘It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are guardians of the papal treasure.’ Researcher Eustace Mullins writes that the Rothschilds took over all the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church in 1823. Today the large banking and financial business of the Catholic Church is an extensive system interlocked with the Rothschilds and the rest of the International Banking system.” (Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, p.154)

This quote would indicate that the Rothschilds and the Zionism order run everything and therefore the Vatican has no power due to the money being loaned to the Pope and eventually taking hold of all its financial operations. However, it’s the statement that suggests that the Catholic Church is interlocked with Rothschild alongside the rest of international banking system, this indicates a non-absolute. In another statement on the same article it states:

“In 1821 Carl [Kalman Rothschild] was sent to Naples, Italy to oversee loans there that were meant to finance Metternich’s forces who had arrived to quell a rebellion. While in Italy the Rothschild ‘mantle’ came upon Carl and he made a series of ingenious deals with the Italian government that forced Naples to pay for its own occupation. He also helped Luigi de Medici of the Black Nobility to re-gain his position as finance minister of Naples, and later did business with the powerful man. Due to his success it was decided that he would stay in Naples and set up his own bank. He became financier to the court, the ‘financial overlord of Italy.’ Carl ‘...wound the Italian peninsula around his hand.’ He did business with the Vatican, and when Pope Gregory XVI received him by giving him his hand rather than the customary toe to kiss, people realized the extent of his power. The Pope conferred upon him the Order of St. George.

“It appears that in Italy Carl became a leader of Carbonarism. After the Bavarian Illuminati was exposed, Carbonarism (or the Alta Vendita) became the major European occult power. Carl’s leadership in this group is very significant. In 1818 a secret Alta Vendita document, that Carl had participated in preparing, was sent to the headquarters of Masonry. A copy of this document was lost, and the Masons got very upset, and offered rewards for the return of this copy. The title of the document translates ‘Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Freemasonry’.” [Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, pp.179-180.

The Alta Vendita was governed by Jews and the “Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Freemasonry” corresponds to the “The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion”— more evidence linking the House of Rothschild with the Protocols. Recall that Jeroboam Rothschild directed the secret Elders of Zion.

“The original Italian translation of the document entitled Permanent Instructions or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Masonry was given to Nubio (Piccolo Tigre, a nondescript ‘Jew’) of the Alta Vendita lodge in 1824 when he was sent to Rome to carry it into effect, and it was to this instruction that he referred when he wrote from Forli to Signor Volpi, ‘As I have written to you before, I am appointed to demoralise the education of the youth of the [Roman] Church’. These secret Instructions which were written in 1815, are in perfect accord with the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and intended only for a chosen few Masons of heavy calibre.”

The Prieuré de Sion, which is directed by the House of Rothschild, works from the shadows, yet one, need only consider the list of past Grand Masters of this high cabal to begin to comprehend the magnitude of its influence and power. Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln disclosed the nature of its membership in Holy Blood, Holy Grail: “The French press, in a brief article on M. Plantard’s election as Grand Master in 1981, had stated that ‘the 121 high dignitaries of the Prieuré de Sion are all eminences grises of high finance and of international political or philosophical organizations’.” (p. 362) In his Introduction to the Protocols of Zion, Victor Marsden wrote of other gray eminences who wield unofficial power, secretly sheltered under the umbrella of the Prieuré de Sion: “ 1931...Jean Izoulet, a prominent member of the Jewish Alliance Israelite Universelle, wrote in his Paris la Capitale des Religions:—‘The meaning of the history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all Masters of Lodges, rule the world.’”

Springmeier stated in The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, “It has been said all roads lead to Rome. For this book, it could be said all paths of investigation lead to the Rothschild.

The Rothschild may have a significant portion of the wealth, but so has the Vatican and its Jesuit members particularly the Medici group and most likely the rest of the Jesuit group (combined) is wealthier or equal to that of Rothschild-Zionist order, and that its wealth is minuscule to that of the Vatican, but singularly it’s not. For instance Golden Sac is richer than the Vatican private Bank. It is believed according to ‘Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick’ documentary highlights that the British Royals are actually from a German heritage and the Windsor name was adopted, and the Queens wealth is said to be 22 trillion dollars, and the Rothschilds is said to have 100 trillion, but both seem to be under the order of Papacy. The Jesuit order rules the world wealth because it controls the bankers while having its own private bank outside the world and federal banking system. And its primary bankers are white gentiles, which own banks like; Felix, Larkon, etc., the subordinate bankers are Jews like the Rothschild. In either case; knowing who has more wealth and control is not of concern, but is correct in saying that they are interlinked and has a co-partnership of control. Sort of a legion of doom scenario, but in this case there are no heroes

The Vatican reliance on the Rothschild family to be bailout when they lost their Papal States was done with hesitancy. What happened in World War Two with holocaust slaughter not just on Jews, but Gypsies and other minority classes; came out of a fertile ground that has been planted by the Catholic Church for centuries on the hatred towards Jews. The level of anti-semitism was high not just because they viewed Jews as the inheritors of people who killed Christ, but it became a venomous anti-semitism at the time. The Pope introduced the first ghetto in (Europe) on their papal state, and they put or (kidnapped) Jews (mostly kids) and forced them to convert, and during this time they were borrowing money from the Rothschild Family. The idea that they borrowed money showed how desperate they were for funds at that point, and the minute they were able to pay it back they did. This happened again on another occasion. This scenario has led to too many conspiracies theories mainly concerning that the Rothschild now has a hand in the Catholic Church, and continues to have a hand, even when the loan was paid back. If you look further back on the research and ask whether they still had influence or call the shots for the Pope, it would suggest the Vatican found their independence and went back to their old anti-Jewish sentiment.

The rise of Mussolini (who was a fascist anti-cleric) was very much against the Church, but needed them to gain political momentum, as he started to move into political power, which benefited the Church to an extent. Mussolini makes calculated gamble with the Church because he knew that 90 percent of Italy was catholic and believed (or had faith) in the Catholic Church. For Mussolini to go against the Church would mean losing support, and so he offered a deal in which he gives the Church (Vatican) back their sovereignty, and so the Church gave Mussolini support as political leader for Italy. This gave the Vatican the ability to be a religion and a sovereign country at the same time. Mussolini also gave a billion dollars equivalent in bonds to the Church for losing its papal state that money became the basis for the Vatican bank during World War Two. The Pope (Pius the eleventh) during that time didn’t what to do with the money, and so hires someone on the outside an official who understood how to run and invest it. The Church ended up with Nigaro who invested it in real estate (in London) and in American stock and made offshore accounts, and conservatively invested for it to grow. The Vatican became an investment bank also a central bank at the same time, it doesn’t make any loans or report any profits only has one shareholder (the Pope) its files are destroyed every 10 years during the first 50 years since it began its inception in 1942. This private bank had no laws for money laundering or financial terrorism until 2011 and no limit for money being brought in as cash through the border until 2012, due to the push of the Euro. Before that accepted truckloads of gold after World War Two.

In 1933 the Vatican was this first country to recognize Hitler, no other country recognized him as the Chancellor of Germany due to the way he came into power as being legitimate, the Church made a deal with him to collect a tax from Germany. Hitler agreed to collect that at the source like a payroll tax and pay it to the Vatican, during World War Two it brought in 100 million a year. A decade after the Vatican Private bank was ready to be set in place, whether it was merely incidental or planned; the Vatican bank was the only bank not blacklisted. As other countries (Europe) would cease their banks to do business with the Nazis, because the Vatican Bank was apart and had their own sovereign banking system it allowed them to go dark, which allowed them to do business in the Dark that can’t be traced. After a while they invested with Italian proxies, alongside German insurance companies (Alliance, Generali) to take in life insurance policies for the Jews in Auschwitz, that were about to be victims of Genocide. Whether the Pope knew it or not, it is undetermined.

The mafia link towards freemasonry is represented by Mafia Dons who are masons, some were Knights of Malta; they are bonded together by blood oaths. They controlled the criminal elements in every country; it’s international, but centered in Italy and goes hand in hand with the Black Popes intelligence community. They centralized this element and profited from it, anyone not in the loop gets prosecuted by the justice department, or ‘die of natural causes’. Before the restricted policy came through, they would use the bank as means to money launder.

In the Black Sheep Radio interview, Nick Spiro talks to Eric Jon Phelps author of ‘Vatican Assassins’ the interview outlines many contentions; one of those is the ‘Oath,’ that only two percent of the Jesuits take the fourth vowel. This gives Alberto Rivera a reliable source for outlining the conspiracy that is in place, this conspiracy is the New World Order/Globalism that this order must pursue to the doctrine of the temple of power. This doctrine states that the pope has the right to rule governments of all nations, and is why he kisses the ground for every country he visits as it’s the sign to suggest he has the right to rule that country. The Triple Crown and two key symbols in the Vatican flag represent the order, the first key: is the pope’s universal and spiritual power - which means every human is subject to the dictates of the Pope of Rome regarding any religious issues, there is no such thing as freedom of conscious. The second key: means the key to temple power, which is the right to rule all governments, this is why all the priests bishops and cardinals have an open conspiracy against governments and all true nationals for bringing in one world government.



The middle ground between the either/or:

Terence McKenna once describe silver alien blobs (Elfs), in one of his drug induced trips he noticed that these blobs were communicating in thought language, whatever you were thinking it would manifest as images in a creative plexus environment.

I once mentioned that musicians when they’re playing in an improvisation mode (like Jazz musicians do) often the music takes over. It soon becomes a sort of magic, wherein you’re not playing the music, but the music is playing you and vice versa, a strange convergence of spirit language takes place. Language can descend into matter, and came about as part of the fall, language as thought or internal dialogue as the final phase of the fall. Was used in way to manifest realty into being a tool of creation and there was no way to separate language from reality because reality was created through language. (You can call it Prometheus’s fire or Lucifer’s light) the light being the faculty of thinking, this faculty degenerated when language became a virus and became autonomous, rather than using it as tool it started to use us (the music is playing you notion). Through internal silence you’re only able to think in images as an individual in your own mind; with this we create or summon images into our consciousness. So when we speak from that silence, every word we speak is a command because you’re in that pure place; the Naha, so speaking draws the un-manifest to manifestation. Somehow we became aware of language and got intoxicated by it and started it to infiltrate our conscience, and so we started to think in words this relates to the individual self and taking credit for the act of creation.

This is what dialectical-division-mind-control has done it has infiltrated our conscious/consciousness, it has made the word toxic and they know this and so they use to set you up for failure. This could be a way to explain why sages condemn using images as a way to understand nature or ground of being because it could be used to set up idolatry, iconoclasm, and dogmatic viewpoints. However, at the same time images is the only way to manifest language into matter, the answer must therefore lie in the equilibrium state, so as not to inflate the image. The word has become devalued, for example a lot of people can talk a lot about transcendental ideas and know nothing about it (the experience is missing). This intoxication and infiltration of the word was understood by Hitler, and he used in way that riled people to a collective common consensus, a one hive mind.

Entertain the notion that the Jesuits created what David Icke calls Rothschild-Zionists (messianic Jewish Zionists) that is apart from the Hebrew people, much the same way they created communism to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church. Seems all too likely; this ideology has trickled down to America, which is becoming a radically fascist country unknowingly (or programmed to by) adopting that ideology that implemented itself at the heart of America, which once stood for freedom. That freedom seems to only appear in propaganda entertainment, by all its false virtue is a corporation and not a country it has fallen victim to a covert Marxist agenda that grew under their noses and is becoming evident. That only difference with Nazism, is it was entirely overt and America grew into that in a covert way, but is slowly becoming overt to some degree, at least, …now, the collective knows beforehand, and now has a chance to make a change for an evolutionary future.

The demonization of Hitler is apparent among people who are holocaust deniers such as Red Ice Radio and flat earth activist Dubay are sympathetic of Hitler, and the NAZI regime. Could it be that they have accepted their dark side of the shadow and so view Hitler as a scapegoat/hero, and he came into being because the people needed him at the time, or are they misinforming followers? They’re misinforming their followers because they deny him in the sense that it was a hoax that the holocaust didn’t exist, and then shifting blame to the victim to the elite-Jews and by proxy racial-Jews, while at the same time excluding or disregarding possible culprits that may be held responsible. We all know 9/11 was planned and therefore that scenario in a sense was a hoax that had real victims, being a hoax it does not mean it didn’t exist. In essence, they’re not accepting the shadow, but hiding the shadow to keep you in a divided state.

This apparent denial or aspects of history is similar to the confrontation of shadow; if we deny (or ignore) the shadow or disown it, those dark forces work away in secret undermining everything we do, (secret societies and their goal for a one world government). The collective wonders why nothing is being done, or why nothing is progressing; it is because we undermine ourselves on unconscious level, we make effort for change on our left-hand, but sabotage it with our right-hand. No sense of ideology, liberalism, democratic, and so forth amounts to nothing when this simple aspect that is the dark side of our aspect is not understood. The racist, tyrannical, fascist, etc. these bogyman terms is essentially the shadow, but to deny that makes an uneven aspect of the spirit, we can only judge the world as we judge ourselves. This denial of the shadow has grown so strong it’s now manifesting or confronting us with the truth of ourselves, it’s got to the point where it’s so strong so autonomous that we can’t deny it any longer. One can view Nazism this way the shadow side of the German people and extensively the European people and human race, an event that the world was involved in. Post-World War and modern times should have been an opportunity to learn from that event.

It would seem that shadow is growing and the collective knows it, people are aware something very big is coming an apocalyptic mindset are among some people. Some believe in the scapegoat, an anti-Christ, and this anti-Christ is going to be far darker because the shadow didn’t go away instead it hid itself in the dark, slowly growing itself within groups pushing an either/or extremes; secret-societies, Jesuits, Zionism, Isis, fundamentalists, Christianity, enclosed-creationists, flat-earth, heliocentric-scientism, NASA and so forth. This shadow archetype is going to be more integrated and is going to hide itself as a benevolent being. It’s going to garner followers, and these followers are going to become a legion and become fanatic. Being fanatic it will soon turn into fanaticism and so becomes the opposite of what it started out to be. They will use negative aspect of the psyche, and this negativity aspect will become dominant all a while forgetting the bigger picture of what they preach.

Grant Morrison describes Nazism and World War Two as something we had to go through, a dark part of humanity that’s never ever going to happen again, but it had to happen, we had to go through it. Everything that is evil and every image of hell emerged. The world was wasteland cities destroyed, people annihilated, and why did it happen? One aspect of why, he describes it through the fallacy of the individual that the individual is an illusion a kind of conditioning that’s implanted in us. With the likes of Kafka, and Orwell who valued individualism, they used their doctrine to make us believe it’s important, but what if you ask yourself that it may not be as important. When you discuss the individual or deal with the individual you find out at the end it has a lot of neurosis. Due to how the structure of the ego is constructed through what Julian James calls the bicameral mind becoming one mind. According to him back in the ancient world people didn’t have self-conscious the way we do, they didn’t have egos or the concept of “I” was unheard of, due to the corpus callosum limiting the two hemisphere of the brain. So hearing voices would mean hearing the voice of god, Julian suggests it was the voice of the left hemisphere communicating with the right hemisphere of the brain as interpreted as a god. Now we have the bridge, but still have the ego structure which was created when the bridge wasn’t there, now we know of the “I am that I am,” but we still think we are separated from everything, from nature and from ourselves. We are stuck in the individual because we believed in it so much.

Denying the individual completely is not entirely the answer either because what you’re left with would be something that is akin to collectivism or it starts to merge into something similar to that. Think the Borg in star trek, with the ‘one mind one hive’ mentality. What his trying to get across (I think) is not about his unintentional approach to monism by using the concept of individualism as something nefarious, but about how magic can influence the synchronistic whole within space and time, and how we are seemingly connected. He used his story of his alien-abduction experience as an allegory into his comic book writings, of how we are like ‘lava’ created by the maker made for the purpose to see that lava grow, and that these dimensional beings that exist outside space and time; watch and observe the human condition as it’s the only way to observe space and time. He says if we look into our human condition backwards in time it’s always going back into itself, so far back as to reach to the source point or the birth of life through the very micro (not to be mistaken for the big bang theory as it is a false theory, but the birth of life going back to the original human). People have forgotten this because we are always convincing ourselves separate from nature, but more than that we try to control it by building square cities, controlling weather patterns and geo-engineering. When we are more like coral plants with its different individual heads connected to one Oversaul, we are essentially connected to the Oversaul or to Gaia, but with our own individuality intact. However, what Morrison is implying, is the individual has taken over and we cut ourselves apart (which is essentially the Lucifer effect) from the Oversaul. This result is one of many fundamental reasons for the seemingly pre-determined outcome that we are heading into, driven by established elite.

It’s not about getting rid of the individual, but about the relationship between ethics and responsible individualism. Yes, we are living from the results of the old ego structure, but the ego structure is the structure of the game or perhaps the nervous system. This structure was formed throughout the ages, and to step outside out if it while hoping for change, is an illegitimate concept because you have isolated yourself from that structure. All these unpleasantness from the results of the old ego structure is destructive to personal lives and families. However, if you believe in change, spiritual growth and democracy and believe legitimacy lies with the people or the responsible collective whole you must be part of the old ego structure, and then you can start to cultivate a new one within the old one.

Alan Watt describes the natural universe is a very intricate system of balance that cannot be really split or one surviving without the other. In a world of no flowers there are no Bees, in a world of no Bees there would be no Flowers. They ultimately go together to indicate organic relations. As human beings we go together with the enormous cosmos of geological, botanical, and zoological events, and we are dependent on them and cannot treat them as a separate species. Morrison describes that we are fed into believing or sold on the idea of opposition, and that opposition is the least meaningful part of the whole. That the people that sold those ideas are the ones that seem to go about it by exploiting others and the environment, but are seeking the same answer as everyone else, to the question “why are we here”? They may seem to be seeking the same answer, but in a destructive way, in a way that is cut off from the whole that has a one-sided relationship with the environment, and that is to take. In the first line of the 59th verse of the Tao Te Ching, states; “in governing people and serving nature, nothing surpasses thrift and moderation” which is about cultivating self-control. It’s about being in harmony with the world through your generous nature. Rather than continually, mining, corporatizing, giving orders, setting down rules, and demanding obedience, it’s important to be a leader who accumulates a warehouse full of virtue by living in accordance with the Tao.

So one can’t function without the other, but those who are running the world think they can, as clearly stated in one of their agendas, and that agenda is de-populate the world. This Lucifer effect seems apparent and unfortunate because one is out of self-interest and the other for the whole. Our destruction will inevitably be their destruction, in the paradoxical 71st verse of Tao it states “only when we are sick of our sickness shall we cease to be sick.” A variation on that is when they realize their sick of their sickness we cease to be sick.

Morrison later describes the details of his thought experiment that if one abandons the individual what is left with is an individual without context. These people are among us now, and they are what we diagnose as people with multiple personality disorders, he believes these types of people are examples of what lies beyond the personality. People with NPD have no context for what they are, at the same time some people with personality disorders are generally narcissistic, diabolical, and psychopathic/sociopaths; having no context for them does not excuse the evil that is within them that causes abuse in the family home. There has to be inclusive notion as to give people with personality disorders a romantic gesture, this tends to make people exclude or forgot such inclusive quality is apparent. There is habit for writers to glamorize the ‘psychopath’ as something that is evolutionary or romantic, the antithesis to that is the Enlighted one or the one with satori, one can conclude that they are a spectrum of evolution that branched out, but it’s ultimately less of an evolution, but rather a de-evolution. There is another sub-group that has no context for what they are, and most of them don’t harm people in a narcissistic way. And that is people with Autism; there are many spectrum of autism what is fascinating are high functioning ones, and the savants are a better fit for Morrison’s polarizing analysis. Instead of getting rid of the individual, apply it to an axiom (variation on Lao Tzu's 71st verse); ignoring the individual is strength, knowing the individual is sickness. Who is to say that is correct it could very well fit the notion; knowing the individual is strength, ignoring the individual is sickness.

Awareness or enlightenment results in the presence of the self within its environment, if that environment is corrupt, it can’t be fixed by adhering to either/or concept because awareness is not a utilitarian concept. Unless waking up means waking up inside a pod with cables hanging from the body, arms, legs and head. And jacking in or hacking into the Matrix to impose change is a hero model and is in the realm of myth; truth being stranger than fiction it’s still not as romantic as that, it’s just a change of thought with a bit supernatural light sprinkled in. This argument is slightly skewed with the merging simulation theory, and the strange offshoots of that theory, like the Mandala effect, and trans-Humanism and any other real/hyperreal thought experiments that relate to the simulation theory.

Not being utilitarian concept its ethics doesn’t pay either, the concept of charity that relates to religion. The Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) is one of the biggest donator of charity, but they are merely following the concept of tithe, (the obligatory giving of fixed percentage of each person’s income). The giver has no choice and therefore denying the satisfaction for choosing, its charity as self-aggrandizement and not to be mistaken with every bad comes some good. When the bad is reduced to historical bad baggage, the bad is forgotten and the good define their present reputation, the good doesn’t outweigh the bad. In their charity, it is the giver, not the receiver who is under obligation. There has to be a need for replacing the ego with the obligation, instead of acceptance of obligation to society and therefore a removal of the ego. Remember the Earth is a living body that gives and asks nothing in return.

Finding reasons for the Wests (European and North America) agressivity towards Arabs are many, the truthers and conspiracy theorists reasons point to the Jesuits position for power, which are compelling, but no ordinary folks would even entertain the idea. However, they could entertain that over the last half-century of provocation has less to do with Middle Eastern politics, and more to do with almost a psychotic attempt to forget that it was the Christian civilization and no other which massacred six million Jews. Holocaust deniers would argue on that number (or deny it altogether), Holocaust deniers use fear of ethics to cause division because each major group appears in different basics, these forms can be - uncertainties of evidence - highlighting prior chaos leading up to the holocaust like the Soviet Union mascaras, and so forth. All pushed by groups that started out with an already extreme subject unrelated to this one, like flat earth groups. There is no fundamental ethical difference between Jesuit-order and Zionism both are applied in conspiracy. [The standard cliché has it that Islam is violently militant, promotes its martyrs to paradise and admires revenge. But Christianity has precisely the same tendencies within it. In both cases these are their expressions of “transcendental good intentions,” not of their ethics. And if you look at the sweep of history, Christian militancy has wreaked far greater destruction than anything managed by Islam. There are continents of people who were subjected to Christian soldiers marching onward and who are therefore not terribly sympathetic when we complain of Islamic militantism. - Saul, R,J]

If you recognize truth as system levels, the higher the level the greater the truth, but people are predominately stuck in certain system levels, but within each level consists of piecemeal systemic illustrations of truth. Most are limited to participating in a single level, and in that level we can have opinions that convey an internal use. However, when presented, it’s divisive; some argue this a necessary component. If it’s Jesuits or Zionism, enclosed-plain or Infinite-plain, these truths may seem to indicate an altruistic approach, and so give it a necessary component as the hero truther lifted the veil. However, people will not accept it as an absolute, due to its extreme abstraction, and so therefore this division is not necessary. The trick with rational system now in place is to see the link between the great truths and systemic illustrations of truth. This can only be achieved if we have faith in the system to which our personal level belongs. The system is our rational backbone. It, not we … is the concrete manifestation of the rational godhead. We are rational because the system is rational, that’s the rational approach, when the transcendental is involved the truth begins from the inside (mind) than makes its way to the outside.

There are varied conclusions to the analysis of our objective reality; some claim the denial of shadow that hides in the dark that works its way to dominate the material world, some say our individual self has become the default setting that promotes self-interest that deny the other. Some say it’s due to ignorance, but ignorance cannot be as absolute as that. Lao Tzu once said “knowing ignorance is strength, ignoring knowledge is sickness.” Or perhaps we are just uncomfortable with our genius and higher self to recognize how we are tied to a synchronistic/animism/equilibrium system that is out there for the taking, but will always be out of reach for most people. Our social structure discourages from acting this way because the need for it is ongoing. It is a fear of uncertainty, but because our action is ongoing its impatience with uncertainty. If resolution is synonymous with truth and truth is an axiom of consciousness, and consciousness not following a linear perspective than it’s not about resolution, but about a non-resolution and this is a complex way to live.

Is there such a thing as division or opposition or is just an illusion, when physics have determined an atom can exist at two different places at the same time. These atoms through thought will always turn into utilitarian manifestations of our talents; balancing these qualities seems difficult and time-consuming. So comprehending that there is this one power group that rules the world seems like a lot of work, but it’s both likely and unlikely when people enjoy their illusion of certainty. Lao Tzu once said; “when government is too intrusive, people lose their spirit,” because this power group is now determined and also intrusive people give them a pass and will not block their wave of chaos, for they cannot budge beyond their humanism. Being unable to budge they slip into their many ideologies, often several at a time with their own dialectical-division groups, with each having their own level of certainties. However, all their views are linear and incapable seeing into the round (whole).

Whether you believe the world is run by the Rothschild or the Vatican either is a nonstarter, instead start at both being interlocked, either way they will never tell you who is at the top. It’s possible someone else or something else ... ‘entity’ is above them all. You can go into ancient alien theory, Gnosticism with the Archons and the Demiurge, which most won’t even touch upon.


Michael Keefe.


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