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Deconstruction of Symbols, Man & the Trinity part 2:

The Sacred Three (or, Triangle):

A triangle has three sides and has many meanings; the three has been adopted in religion and in the secular lives of people. In the economic world it’s been used to divide economic status from first, second and third world, there are three main political parties (USA), three social classes – upper – middle – lower, and so forth. It is often mentioned by the initiates that entering temples, cathedrals and churches is called thrice-hold (threshold) often associated with the Greek god thrice great Hermes. Ancient druids also divided their priest-hood into three groups, the ‘Ovates, Baros, Oruids.’ In the flags of the world are many that are called the tri-colour.

In the Tarot Key III - The Empress is the mother of all life. She sits in quiet repose and strength in the verdant landscape of her own domain. She is the sexual energy that is ripe being both pregnant in her fertility and exquisite in the afterglow of promised union. The Empress offers the vision of what will become and will bear fruit from her union with the masculine polarity and the manifest and spiritual fruits this union will yield. She is the promise of continued life and expression of that life in all of the elemental worlds over which she reigns supreme.

The equatorial triangle represents the divine, the harmony, proportion it’s also a symbol of the trinity in Christianity, while in the eastern and Gnostic Arcanum belief system; they are defined by many meanings and has various esoteric-philosophical associations. One of those being is that the symbol indicate the male and female sex, the apex at the top represent the male and the one with the top down represent the female, but both aspects are within the individual sexes.

According to Arcanum (Gnostic teachings) the first female human (Eve) was formed from Adam, Elohim took one of Adams (who was a hermaphrodite human) ribs closed up the flesh and a made a woman (Eve). This form of separation is represented symbolically with the triangle (male) and upside down triangle (female), throughout time; man and women has played the game of seeking unity, hence the craving for sexual connection.


Three solves the discord created in the polarity of two, resulting in a new integration and wholeness. This can be seen in the divisions of the mind, body and spirit, whose unification makes us whole; our visible world is three dimensional. Three possesses the attributes of wisdom, understanding and knowledge; in the negative side it exhibits pessimism, foolhardiness and unnecessary risk taking. Three is seen as a magical number. Three being “the magic number” is further defined because it’s the numbers of manifestation. It represents: thoughts, emotions and actions, each having a casualty effect on each other.

Its roots stem from the meaning of multiplicity; Creative power and growth. Three is a moving forward of energy, overcoming duality, expression, manifestation and synthesis. Three is the first number to which the meaning "all" was given. It is The Triad, being the number of the whole as it contains the beginning, middle and an end.

The power of three is universal and is the tripartite nature of the world as heaven, earth, and waters. It is human as body, soul and spirit. Three is birth, life, death. It is the beginning, middle and end. Three is a complete cycle unto itself. It is past, present, and future.

Throughout history some traditional civilizations had a direct relationship with numbers and letters of the alphabet, so much so discerning numbers and letters were indistinguishable. Some Native American cultures knew no alphabet, but were able to cipher the harmonious measures and proportions within the numerable or namable of the totality of the cosmos, and so became knowable.

The Triad or three has always been considered sacred; like oneness, and duality these attributes are manifested in its three-fold nature, which of itself is the expression of a principle, an archetypal fact, that solidifies in a series, as representation of ideas and energies that materialize in a magical mysterious fashion while obeying precise, universal laws, which the numerical codes and their geometrical correspondences symbolize.


The eye in the middle of the triangle:

With the advent of the internet; information and knowledge has sped up the apocalypse of truth to new heights, before that we relied on standardize and highly controlled education and media systems for truth. Then, birthed a new wave of media technology with their slow dials ups and simple html coding, and in its birthing stage; people were blissful in their ignorance even though truth was starting to emerge. Truth may not be as important as one wishes it to be, Terence McKenna once stated his philosopher teacher Paul Firearm “I’m going to teach you what truth is, and then I’m going to teach you what’s so great about it.” No one can know absolute truth; like no scientist will ever reach absolute zero “yes” it’s determined, but quantum mechanics states that you can’t ever measure the exact position or momentum of a particle with perfect certainty. What is so great about truth? Are people who know the truth more superior to those that don’t? If not, then the truth movement is steering towards cult status and is no more different from Catholicism. To legitimize the important of truth and not fall into extremes; is to try your best to be at the equilibrium of any spectrum.

The All-Seeing Eye symbol has taken a sinister influence. This symbol has two sets of magic applied to it; the first - is magic in a sense all energies and blame and guilt are focused on the symbol rather than the shadow groups that use it. The use of glamour or deflection - and it works well; people are still profound by it, or they are just waking up to the truth and upon that are intrigued by either the factual or by the sensationalism which has a habit of opening doors to propaganda. These truth/conspiracies are propagated by extreme truth movement groups both religious and secular. The second - is magic in the symbol is associated with … or truth itself or its actual meaning. And that meaning is the all-seeing eye is to convey positive, helpful, uplifting spiritual messages and principles, for a time it was used as a symbol of divine providence, powerfully representing truth and awakening. However, a seemingly unstoppable force has hijacked and inverted the symbol. Reclaiming this image back is in its early stages as sensationalism is having its limelight for the moment.

There is confusion surrounding this symbol, its history, its intent, and its meaning, but it’s less about the usage and more about the intentional imprint for dialecticism; to confuse the individual; as to not care because ultimately not caring for such things would depower its magic, symbolism is important and they know this. It’s used in the communication of non-physical, spiritual ideas, phenomena, and processes.

Academic malarkey on the Triangle: often written by academics they can either be atheistic or a fundamentalist, they want to further separate the trinity symbol and its associations with the supernatural or spiritual history. For the religious academics, to them any notion of the spiritual divine is only held for one person and no other (inverse-solipsism). While the atheist sole purpose to devalue God entirely. Farbridge quote “the tendency to give a substantial visible form to an abstract idea is so deeply rooted in humanity that it must be looked upon as responding to a human necessity.” this quote can be used to argue for reductionist point of view in where the triangle is a symbol that the human mind is seeking an imminent representation for the transcendental. Putting in doubt the importance of the triangle as mere romantic seeking, and so therefore question the triangle as the appropriate representation of the trinity and argue that a straight line is closer to the biblical imagery. While this quote can argue against the importance of the transcendental approach it can also argue against the linear biblical academic approach, not about the triangle, but about Christ as a symbol and often Christ is depicted with all-seeing triangle over his head enough to conclude that Christ has meaningful associations with the triangle and therefore Christ himself is a symbol. Meaning there is very strong evidence to conclude that Christ didn’t really exist and that he is just a reconstruction of Joseph. And people are just giving form to a highly probable abstract idea.

A straight line cannot hold as a container the inner eternal mind it’s left in the infinite, and so cannot hold any plutonic solids in which spirits needs to manifests into matter. The straight line however, can be a way to symbolize the Phi ratio (the straight line represents the Phi ratio and the Phi ratio is infinite, and is often described as source). The Fibonacci sequence is always seeking the perfection of the Phi being infinite it can only get close to it, but can never reach it. Therefore, in all life - it’s trying to reach Phi, and always moves in circular motion (spiral) or a potentiality of it.

So much attempt from the Academics to reduce the trinity symbol they never include the other truth that may be associated with it. There is a New Age notion called the Lucifer-effect; which means to cut some ‘thing’ or oneself off from nature and its synchronistic whole within time and space. This is not to confuse the name Lucifer as something Satanic (as some know there is no real evidence to suggest the two names hold the same title). Exercise the thought of a hyperreal-space for a moment; it is believed the Mars once was thriving planet and evidence of some remaining reminiscence of a Pyramid structure and Face that happen to coincide with the Fibonacci sequence gave new assumptions and speculation to question what might of happen to the planet, (although a very plausible hoax). In any case one of those assumptions is Mars was once an earth like planet and through the Lucifer effect became a baron, desert like red planet, and so therefore one can come to the realization that earth too is undergoing its own Lucifer effect. This assertion is not merely regulated to a hyperreal-space notion, but can be fundamental in other aspects, like the mind and the spirit. This is what is essentially happening to academics; they cut themselves off from the mind and spirit and regulated it to intellectualism, and so unknowingly set themselves up for the Lucifer-effect to take hold. Their attempt to voice their opinion on the corruption of the symbol without the polarity or mystical understanding only reinforces the shadow of the established order; it furthers the symbols magic instead of rendering it powerless, this can be applied to fundamentalism as well.

Religious truthers disassociate themselves to a point it’s extreme; at one stage they separated the cross symbol itself, saying true Christians don’t where the cross and so therefore the triangle as well, as it has occult associations. When backed to a corner with overwhelming evidence to indicate there might not be historical Christ, they dismiss, separate or disassociate (they cut themselves off from the whole), the Christmas date is good example of this; as it coincides with sun cycle of the solstices, Christ is no longer born on the date as religious historians proclaims it to be. I tested this separating assertions on the comment section of Screen Rant (a movie news site), there was trailer for Martin Scorsese’s new film ‘Silence,’ I commented with the username djtrekstar (a combination name from the two things I enjoy scratching-dj and star trek).


In this comment example (from screen rant) you can determine the Lucifer-effect is taking place which results in an inverse-solipsism mindset. I was merely hinting that Catholicism and Evangelism had/has an association with one another, but I used the word fundamentalism instead. And that Catholicism spread throughout the world like a simulating Borg, taking other belief system for their collective system of beliefs. Yuuki remarks that she is Christian, but not Catholic, and that my comment hurts, but she forgives me. Why does my comment hurt? She’s established she’s not Catholic, I can only assume her Christianity associates itself with the Christian right, if she was in any other denomination for instance Pentecostal my remarks wouldn’t have such an effect. Maybe she is upset because she mistakenly assumes that the Church are the bearer of the Gospel and not the individual, people are still associating the Church and Catholicism with Christianity; that image while an abstraction are still ingrained in people. They say their separate from the Church and yet get upset when a seemingly true statement unfolds in front of them about an institution there separate from.

She would be less supportive of the church when she realizes that, Christian right has always been a racial radical movement that broke away from American Protestantism, then trickled down to become The Christian Identity movement which was a British Israelite movement as well. With the emergence of other churches to their cult it started to become anti-Semitic, then it found common cause with another fringe group “the two seeds” which gave the notion of two dividing bloodline; the evil bloodline from Cain and the good bloodline from Seth whose father was Adam. This became popular in the south; than the Christian Identity movement claimed they are the Aryans (white skin) and were the original true Israelites and that Jews were biological descendants of Satan. After a while they formed a secret group, to go against or revolutionize against the so-called “Zionist Occupation government” they failed and they reconsidered their plans for racial warfare. During the last decades of the 20th century they spread the racist paganism and neo-Nazi ideology and overlapped with the Christian right (evangelism) and Ku Klux Klan. Now at the modern times - this Christian movement has become Zionistic friendly a polar opposite of their original ideology (one wonders what kind of agenda is being played).

This is indeed a blockage a straight line way of thinking (linear, Newtonian) it isolates the mind and spirit, calcifies the thinking faculty and only asks to believe and obey. Rationality through scientism can be dangerous, but rationality through common sense and empiricism can’t be disregarded so blatantly, Yuuki assumes I’ve never known what the lord has done and the love he gives, this is objectifying the spirit and is equal to anthropomorphic thinking a false-to-fact abstraction. Most often people who have had a spiritual experience vis-à-vis through an awakening, dreams, psychedelia, alien abduction, spiritual entities, etc. through their religious conditioning attach or associate their experience to their Christ; this reduces the sprit and diminishes the truth. (What is the truth? It could be a possibility in which demiurge agents are heightening your conditioned default setting).

What Yukki doesn’t know is that Christ came to me in a dream; I was at awe with the profoundness of it because I know through countless spiritual attacks, mind hacks and possession that the connection implores the same symptom. The difference is it was blissful instead of it being agonizing. In my knees I was in tears I asked to be forgiven and that I will not doubt you again, I was surrounded by church halls and priests, after the connection I was now falling feet first from the skies or heavens. In that morning I was quick to rationalize what might of happened; it might have been entities generating dreamscapes; but often their crap at imitating dream realties when you become aware you’re in a foreign dream landscape they rush at you because they wish to escape, as you are the stargate; just before you fully wake up they wish to flee because waking up closes the gate. The other thought I pondered that it might be Christ, but the Gnostic one, which is what Philo describes as the one who was crucified in the heavens. Or it could be a benevolent Daemon, in either case I ask Christ to forgive me for every doubt I had about him. There might not be a historical Christ, but out there exists a supernal figure … and it could very well be Christ itself (lacking historical evidence aside), how this Soter was manifested I leave that to the Academics mythicist and historians.

So by having a straight line and not the line that is similar to the Phi Ratio diagram to symbolize the trinity is essentially a depiction of Lucifer’s effect, any notion for the symbol just being an alignment symbolism - a sort of ‘rhetorical perpendiculars’ is invalid notion, like any other sacred symbol the triangle is birthed from the flower of life. Lucifer’s effect on the psychological mindset of the fundamentalist so-called ‘true Christians’ is filled with so many blockages that it’s hypocritical and also shares similar symptoms of narcissistic psychological disorders, demoralization in the religious sect.


The eye in the middle of the triangle its corruption and its truth: The Triangles corruption is really magic that’s been taken and set in its place dark energies, and is not inherently for the established order it’s more akin to consciousness (or, the Force in Star Wars), and often the order (or, the First Order) takes it to un-imaginable and dark situations. Crowley defined this type of magic - magick. Neil Kramer explains clearly the foundation of Magic through the analogy of the dream:

Corruption often takes form in being able to take something, or someone out of context of what is real, to do this to a person requires instilling a sort of amnesia into the human mind. This makes the person forget their linage and their infinite spirit. In every age people, civilizations, ideologies, cities changes, and in those times people are switched into a setting that requires them to live within their time, a default setting of mind and spirit. So people have their own unique individual and group realty tunnels, some of these groups require belief vis-à-vis Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Scientism, Naturalists or Determinist whatever it maybe. The control system creates false absolutes for our reality, which gives rise to their conscious thought form that is derived from the sentient design; like a signal that broadcasts within the stage. This signal through time gains amplitude becomes strong as it’s helped by billions of augmented nodes (human collective), this is what gives matter solidity. This is evident in Vedic and Hindu philosophy and also quantum physics. (Neil Kramer- occult of personality interview 2010)

However, not all the human collective share the same platform, in the dream that we show up in, is actually a construct that can be both be both physical and literal. However, it’s fundamentally more of a meta-physical construct of ideas, notions and sound. What makes our realty different, (while still much like a dream) is its consistency; this consistency is held in place by consciousness. In the pre-Neolithic age the mystics tried to convey this to us; that we are in a dream, in an illusion, a matrix, and this is not inherently a bad thing we need an infrastructure or a stage for our consciences vessel to move around in. This is your default setting, and in order to change that, according to the mystics you must acknowledge that this is a dream, this is Maya or the matrix. When this achieved the dream the matrix changes relatively to where you are in your consciousness level, and so you start to affect it; subtly then as you progress through time; literally. In the occult, this is called magic – the process to bring change according to will, you are both dreamer and the dreamt simultaneously. Knowing this not just on intellectual level, but gnosis as experience can change current society fundamentally flawed mindset. (Neil Kramer- occult of personality interview 2010)

To understand how your mind works one must know about you’re higher-conscious self. Satan is often associated with your subconscious mind (the shadow), while God is the higher-conscious self, (this is not a dismissal on any form of anthropomorphic tangibility for the godhead because for Christians it’s an absolute in: Ezekiel 28:12019 - mind you there is no mention of the name Lucifer or Satan in this verse the name Satan was attached to Lucifer after the fact. Lucifer is mentioned in: Isa. 14:12-14NKJV - and even in this verse it could be the name for the morning star; then placed into having a sort of metaphorical association to the fallen one). Metaphorical association to god and godhead aside, it’s almost certain that it’s all basically shadow and light play, and often there are a lot of light beings entities/angels that are not all good and benevolent.

The stage and our collective psyche are manifestations of thought and inherently magic, hidden knowledge of harnessing how to manipulate the stage to support current ages was the way of the initiated mystics/priests. While at the time it was done in isolated occasions; now it’s grander through secret societies that over-power governing state with their developing technologies (that has ties to UFO contact) and interlocked corporate hierarchies and economic (banks - federal) power.

According to ancient mystery cults, ‘the magic triangle’ correlates to electricity, magnetic energy and the forces that bind them together. In Christianity the ‘Magic Triangle’ stems from the tradition of King Solomon, in an Essay titled ‘the Magic Triangle,’ the occultist and teacher of hermetics Franz Bardon states:

“A magician would never be able to get a certain power or a certain being into a circle without the help of the magic triangle, for the circle is, as we now know, the symbol of the infinite and not the symbol of manifestation. No magician should ever forget this fact. “

“The magician must make sure that the being or power he has called into the triangle is under his full control, and that he himself, while standing in the centre of the circle, is thus representing a superior power, a universal, a divine idea.”

It is mentioned in Scripture not to act on these acts of divination (Deuteronomy 18:9–14), [what you must realize is people back than didn’t think the way we do now apart from certain area of the Bible belt. Back then people thought that church and state were reflections of heavenly power and if you go against the church you go against god. When the Orthodox and Protestants Church schism away from Catholic Church they were regarded as Satanists. The church and state was once viewed as reflections of heaven; it was their divine right as King that they were ordained by God and that they were the Vicar of Christ and that they are the representation of Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, and if you question that you are by definition a Satanist. (Knowles, C)] This is why Christians who adhere to the right - who is suffering from Lucifer’s-effect always if not the majority support the Church - even though it’s what Christ came here to abolish - the church is in the heart of Christ - not the Church as the Vicar of Christ. Deuteronomy 18:9–14 is usually the go to verse for fundamentalist Christians to control the thinking faculty and downplay human history and its associations to ancient mystery cults: most of the stuff written in the Bible was taken from the library of Babylon included in that library were the Tarots. This is something Evangelism academics ignore completely; otherwise they would have no reason to dismiss vital information if not for their own reductionist agenda.

While Bardon first statement seems ominous, it’s merely outlining the processes of such a craft, (however, staying clear of any practice ensures unencumbered life- follow the scripture). The Cathars new the use of such magic; Cathars were the last Gnostic group that was taught by Mary Magdalene they knew the complete truth or as close to absolute truth as can be. The Spanish inquisition came to simulate the Gnostic set to Catholicism, and if they refused; witch burning ensued, most of them walked into the fire (as they knew the Holy Spirit was with them). The Cathars were healing the sick through magic and their sacred symbol was the five-pointed star symbol, the symbol for the Father (and also for protection), and who else uses the five-pointed star, the Wiccans. While it’s not equilateral triangle it’s the dichotomy of practice is what I’m referring to. Bardon last quote refers to two set processes; one of those is about controlling the supernatural action, and two - about taking charge of your own Destiney being consciously aware of divine ideas and habitual thoughts. I suspect the two overlaps somehow knowingly and unknowingly. Intuition and imagination is magic in unconscious level and is, therefore, an act of divination that is inherent in most of us. It would also seem magical-symbols act as a type conduit gate (a stargate).


Tri-Um model of the Brain:

Neil Slade outlines through other researchers of the human brain have concluded the model of the human brain especially Dr. Paul Mcghee who came up with the Tri-Un model of the brain. This is a way to look at the brain holistically a simplistic level of understanding - a three in one perspective. The first signifies the inner brain the R complex, which is responsible for automatic responses of the human body, and is connected to the spine. The reptile brain is similar to the way a reptile (snakes lizards) functions without any social planning or any sophisticated thinking, one can view the inner parts of our brain like the seeds of an apple. These functions like the E.G.G behavior, ego - greed - grab, the reptile brain is only concerned with the individual and certainly does not care for the welfare of other people, it’s the ‘me’ consciousness akin to narcissism. They follow the four F’s of behavior; feeding - fighting - fleeing - reproductions, similar to fight or flight concept; it makes only ten percent of the brain.

The second Tri-UN is the mammal brain that surrounds the reptilian brain, which is like the core of an apple. Its adherent to the left and right hemisphere and what it does is adding social behavior. With the reptilian snakes it lays its eggs and disappears, while non reptilian species nurture their young, the mammal brain is also responsible for emotions.

The third tri-Un is the grey mammal surrounding mammal the surround the reptilian brain, often called the primate brain. It is the further development of the previous mammal and is responsible for moto skills and other complex behaviors. The front primate (frontal lobe) of the brain is responsible for concepts of time, planning, imagination, and co-operation. It concerns itself with the whole collective as opposed to the reptilian brain, which is about self-interest. These often are seen in scans that show a dysfunction in the frontal cortex that narcissistic, psychopathic, sociopathic personality disorders.

Most often these negative emotions in the amygdala, where the front part brain is turned off is then overrun by the reptilian brain, where no concepts of transcending the self is no longer apparent, no imagination and creativity and no co-operation fear is enhanced. In which it is evident mostly in the corporate and entertainment world, psychopathy and narcissism.

Neil Slade, can determine the functions and aspects of the brain, however, his view on the pineal gland (third eye) is a reduction; while the Pineal gland is responsible for hormone production, and helps with waking process, with the melatonin being involved in regulating sleep, and the gland itself produces DMT and so has a part to play in dreams, and also becoming active when it perceives light. These are facts - and there is no arguing that, but when it comes to enlightenment having no associations with the Pineal gland, where yogi traditions believe so and have no problems with. Neil reduces this because it has no scientific proof to connect the Pineal Gland with enlightenment. While overzealous religion followers have a lot faith in God in doing so shows a lack of faith in itself, this is similar to having faith in processes of scientific facts, which is not bad as we once called it alchemy, but faith in a ‘thing’ shows a lack of faith in God.


Where there is a dichotomy in mainstream-science for the evaluation of spirit, also too in psychological philosophy when discussing upon the good and the bad spirit, however, that dichotomy can answer what science won’t delve into. Carl Jung states - in his red book about the boy: “in any form the archetype of the spirit appear in situations he is never 100 percent certain that the spirit figure in dreams are morally good, often they appear not only ambivalent, but dam right malicious, who knows about the great plan, and how much evil is necessary to bring about the good by anti-dromia and which good tend to want evil … wait and see.” So on the way to profound and real religious experience the human being is not simply made with already made desires and solutions, but is; “confronted with the problem with uncertainty of moral evaluation with the confusing interplay of the good and bad, and the inexorable con-cassanation of guilt, suffering and redemption. This way is right, but how many can recognize it; it is the old voice sounding from a distance, it is ambiguous, doubtful and dark, and sometimes means danger and risk an uncertain path, one can only take for the sake of by the wheel of God, without security and without sanction.” It means the experiences of the non-physical world are different, this can be shown in dreams and visions of our reality. They involve very often of ambivalent experiences of light and dark interacting in weird ways, this engagement of interacting with spirits is not a serious of episodes, but a process. Jung divided this process into three; war - magic - religion. War; is a conflict with right and left, between the morally acceptable and morally not-acceptable and so forth, than magic; a period of transformation the magical change, than religion; moving into the ultimate source which is the god within. The psycho-spiritual-transformation of the psyche is akin to the enlightenment which involves contact with light.



Michael Keefe.



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