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Deconstruction of Symbols, Man & the Trinity part 1:

The Subversive Use:

The study of symbolism suggests a conspiracy that is intentional to convey a psychic inception of motifs and aesthetic that is subversive, and our media backed by corporatism seems to be held responsible. These powers of suggestion have ties to historical symbolism, to have hidden knowledge and hidden history. The portrayal of these symbols sometimes tends to go hand in hand with the aesthetics in art and advertising, while it seems to suggest an occult agenda or conspiracy among the heavy weight firms of advertising, which is plausible considering its synchronistic associations. However, to suggest ill-intent and that all the art and symbols in the world are nefarious; is to suggest one-self a heretic as well. For there is only one way to draw a triangle, a square, and a circle because it is in symbols not words that the universal creator or universal presence speaks to us in our daily lives. Knowing that; these symbols are sacred, and no institutions, country, secret societies have ownership of these sacred symbols, that is to say ownership in a sense of the truer spiritual whole cannot contain the sacredness of these symbols.

The majority of people in the west (myself included) are illiterates in understanding symbols, and this is due to the fact that our institutions have made it this way. In General Semantics (which is about developing forces and energies that is in Mother Nature - by understanding the process to an extent that is helpful for everyone). While also being aware not to fall into false-to-fact abstractions that lead to blockages usually by putting false referents to an image, advertiser’s uses these techniques a lot; thereby making people fall deeper into symbol illiteracy. All sages condemn approaching the understanding of nature or ground of being through an image and if you wish to correctly perceive it, you must not have an image of it because by having an image of it, will set you up for idolatry, but don’t deny to an extent it becomes compulsive that it becomes iconoclasm. Light is thought and the thought of what we are intended to see is implanted within liquid crystal prism of the brain, but it’s also important not to forget; while thoughts can point to the truth, it is however, never the truth. That’s why Buddhists say, “The finger pointing to the moon is not the moon.” In Christianity, some find it difficult to accept that; before ‘thou shall not kill’, before this indict they had ‘you shalt not make for yourself a graven image’ (Exodus 20:4), which is lifted from Egyptian text, in fact the Bible itself is lifted from the Torah, which is based on the Tarot the only difference being is that the Tarot is communicated in symbols to that of words like (the Bible/Torah). The Patriarch Church and elite leaders attempt to steer you away from this vital detail of information, and instead convey a limited form of spiritual image understanding, incidentally the Egyptians are filled with symbols of their gods, and the entire ancient world has always depicted graven images of their gods. With symbols – it has a habit of limiting or misleading interpretation which otherwise is always prominent if it were just words (even though words itself are symbols), hence the Bible is filled with interpretation that can be misled on.

Science (now starting to finally catch up with the mystics) has found that there are 240, 000 miles of neuronal threads in the human brain, and in every micro-meter exists 230, 000 units of information, but this data is only recorded as pictogram as composite images and not of words. It’s a filo-genetic trace memory, so every experience that your for-fathers ever had is encoded in the brain and DNA in symbols. Researchers has also determined in the first few seconds of perceiving images (something) we do not only unconsciously comprehend what it is, but decide whether we like or not, the cognitive unconscious presents our awareness with not just the identity of what we see, but an opinion about it. Our emotion has a mind of its own that interprets views quite independently of our rational mind.

The Tarot is a Gnostic archive of knowledge, books of symbolism; there are four main chapters that can help in develop a person’s literacy for symbolism and that is; the magic, the high priestess, the hierophant, and the emperor. The likes of Mercia Iliad, Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung have in their own way used these chapters to further their own writings. Vitvan’s emphasises that we live in a dynamic energy-world, out of which eventuate ‘things,’ ‘bodies’, configuration of units of energy. The conception of ‘things,’ and ‘bodies’ are part of a semantic device, a sort of artefact that helps people to remember that those artefacts does not essentially exist, so therefore energy and the configurations of units of those energies is all there is. So symbols and images help in those configurations, while also helps in taking the soul up for regulation (to evolve spiritually) and imagination and intuition helps in that regard, but at the other side of the spectrum - in this same way it can help evolve it can help de-evolve or enslave (or demoralise) a person. These are what the so-called illuminated ones are doing to the collective whole, cutting you off or blocking the spiritual evolution of your being, through magic(k) imagery.

These aesthetically condition motifs which drives subversion destroys anything sacred or spiritual that we hold dear. On the intention of ‘what to think’ instead of ‘how to think’ and their devices for this is; Tele-hypnosis, Meta-contrast, Hermisync, Synaesthesia, and Embedding. All of this are old terms they are very similar to or coincide with; Group Think, Dialectical Division, Fashionable Allegiance, Implant Associations, Rampart Escapism, Eroticisation (predominately the female form), and Inflating False Personas. Using all this to target our trio intelligence that we have ourselves and that is the body, the mind, the heart. The result of such media manipulation from these techno-sorcerers is to make people feel disassociated, dysfunctional, jaded, addicted, manic, and possessed. The techniques they use are words, symbols, colours, rhythms, light, movement and mudras (hand positions, gestures) is not inherently bad as it’s been used for aeons by ancients, who infused those techniques as a means of spiritualisation, but now it is a means of pervasive magical intentions by the higher ups, to convey the very opposite of spiritualisation and that is to be an emotional brick, drone or zombie. They’re using the many things that can empower us to depower us.

People should realize now … with the advent of the internet, and social media that there has always been an occult history of America. In 1776 during the founding of America, freemasonry was brought to America by Adam Weishaupt who was the head of the Illuminati, and when he died the mantel was given to Giuseppe Mazzini and when he passed on it was given to Albert Pike. Albert Pike brought Scottish rite freemasonry system to America, and people are familiar with the symbol of the American dollar bill it has all the hallmarks of this secret society. Conspirators and the truth movement groups don’t realize that freemasonry before the new system came in was a philanthropic group until it was infused by negative elements of Bavaria (the old world of Europe). George Washington and other founding fathers warned against this, they were freemason themselves, but they were positive freemasons (in its free-form days) before the new system had fully taken over. They were so adamant about the negative implications and various luminous philosophy of the new system that they lobbied against it, the head of the group - the duke of Brunswick advocated the breakdown of the institution. Even John Adams (1776-1801) former President of America one the presidency due to his likely opposition to freemasonry, and his son also a former President John Quincy Adams (1825-1829) states: “I do conscientiously and sincerely believe that the order of freemasonry if not the greatest, is one of the greatest moral and political evils…” In the end, they lost and so the illuminati prevailed in taking over the freemason society and still functions at the present moment.

There is nothing truly negative about the occult and within that nothing really bad about Tarot (cards), but these elite groups are using it for their own gains and therefore put the occult in a negative light. Then, it’s further perpetuated by fundamentalist Christians in their attempt to shine a light on the secret society negativity, but fails to discern the occult as an inclusive quality from the secret society. To them the map and the territory is one of the same. This is an abstraction, a false-to-fact image, if you are new to conspiracy and occultism and happen to come across Christian fundamentalist Conspiracy groups that showcases their agenda, it seems to be fantastical, but it’s merely selling sensationalism. The source of all modern Conspiracy tends to stem from or lead back to Christian fundamentalism and so therefore, having a discerning or sceptical mind is essential. In the Tarot - (card no 4) “the Emperor” sits in a throne chair; the pose is that of man sitting down in chair with a front on perspective. In Washington DC, the Lincoln memorial statue is the same pose. Masons refer to their procedures or teachings as the “the craft,” Jordon Maxwell has done a lot of research discovering the occult roots of government, big business and religion. We assume big business comes from humble beginnings starting out in the white market, but the white market make a very small percentage of the money in the world, it’s the black market the occult underworld that make up the majority of trading and dealings and stems from occult origins.


The Symbol of MAN:

According to Mark Cordova the symbol in which man originates from is the suggestion that both men and female energies are trapped in their human bodies, and that Christ is within all of us. “The kingdom of heaven is within you” Christ himself said this, but the established order and secret societies has always made man to look outside themselves and not within. He proclaims the knowledge that he has; is the result of knowledge coming from within him-self (Gnostic approach). He describes the sacred secret; which is about the Holy Spirit being female and her name is M.A.N.


MAN was the first name ever given to the Mother by the Father, the Father does not have a name there was no one before him to give him a name. He is eternal existence – he is the mind, and his first thought was an image of himself. This is also proclaimed by Jordon at (spirit science) that at beginning was void and spirit made itself known by creating the eternal realm, which is a circle, and the circle moved (or made a duplicate of itself) across itself creating the first pedal of the flower of life. This is also inherent in the fertilised eggs splitting itself in the womb. This first thought of an eternal existence of creating an image of himself is made because the inner mind being perfect is also invisible and being invisible there was no one or ‘thing’ there to see him. Twenty seven times in the New Testament; Christ said, “I am the son of MAN” Christ says this 27 times because the father does not have a name, what does he say about the father; “the Father within doeth the work, the kingdom of heaven is within you” the Father within you is the inner eternal mind. While the pineal gland holds much mystery; looking at it through a standard meta-physical way in which it functions, it’s still very much material; the meta-physical concept of which it is out-visibility. The true concept of the inner eye according to Mark is not the pineal gland, but the inner eternal mind that sees in every direction (the all-seeing) that sees invisibly, the ability to see within, the eternal realm not the universe. The symbol of the triangle with the eye in the middle (while feared by sensationalists) it is the true function of the trinity, the father, the mother, the son, and the eye in the middle is the true inner eternal mind. Your inner mind is perfect (eternal realm) and your outer mind is dualistic (universe), god (not the true God) tried to be perfect; tried to be good, but he is both good and bad, however, the father is perfect.

In numeric terms the Father is zero, that’s because the Father is symbolised as a circle (the eternal realm) no begging and no end. And the first to come forth is the image of himself, which is the number one “1” the Holly Spirit the mother, and the second to come forth is Christ “2” Numeric - 012 / move the numbers - 12/21/2012 - which brings the beginning of the ideal age; the fifth age which ended the age of material which coincides with the fifth root-race. This is why secret societies and governments are always conveying the outside universe to look outside ourselves as opposed to looking within. The universe in a hyperreal-space notion is something outside us, this notion brought in man as something insignificant to scare you to worship him outside yourself. The universe is material and can’t bring anything to you, only the inner mind can, the father within you can. The Christ is the father and mother in one, the true trinity and the word MAN is the symbol for that.


Water is the essence of the Holy Spirit and the light is the essence of the father (mind), water is essential for life to exist. It is suggested in Genesis, God (true-God) said: "Let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water." So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. And it was so. God called the expanse "sky." And there was evening, and there was morning--the second day. (Genesis 1:6-8). Water is indestructible and is eternal and it gives life, when the body passes on two things leave it; mind and water, and so you must have a mother and father to give life, which brings about a light water soul, which is eternal (a Christ soul). We are the children of light, children of man, we are eternal.

The image associated with the Holy Spirit is that of a dove, in actuality it is the five pointed star, which is the real image that is associated with the Holy Spirit. In each point it conveys understanding, the first point; for-thought, second point; for-knowledge, third point; indestructability, fourth point; eternal life, and fifth point; truth. When john the Baptist was baptising Christ the Holy Spirit ascended down as a dove and has an association with a myth that took place millions of years ago, about certain Gods bragging to each other. One in particular was claiming to be the one and only god and that it needs nothing of the other, the Holly Spirit shines down upon them and says; ‘there is one before you and this is MAN.’ Seeing this five pointed star blazed above them, they had the idea to make MAN a hu-MAN, which is a combination of gods, flesh angels put together. The prayer “our father who art in heaven hollowed be thy name” the Father not having a name is called Holly as in Hollowed, the Holly Spirit, the Spirit of Holly – the son/life/soul, the two in one. So the dove itself has five points that leads back to the five pointed star, man also has the same five points. M.A.N is the true trinity.




Evangelism despises the Gnostic Approach:

Evangelists have determined that the Bible is the standard for measuring truth; that it reveals everything essential about the person, nature, and work of his Son Christ. These large segments of believers are transfixed on the notion that the Bible is the word of God and are also divine, but what does that mean exactly? … In certain parts of the Bible; if you convert letters to numbers you get Fibonacci sequence (when inverted), also in the imported parts you get numbers which seem random, but are actually frequencies of resonance that line up with the Fibonacci spiral. The Fibonacci spiral itself is called God’s thumb print or trademark.

Evangelists are under the assumption that plausible insight that comes from within … whether it’s wrong or extremely way off; never the less is not an alteration or a manipulation of God’s Word, because ultimately it is still there - both the old and new testament. Allan Watt made it clear when he stated: “If I were a loving God I wouldn’t give my Children something that would rot their brains,” Eckhart Tolle describes the Catholic churches correct in identifying relativism that there is no absolute truth to guide human behaviour being one of the evils of our time, and that it won’t be found in doctrines, ideologies, sets of rules, or stories and all this common to the notion of thought. So according to Eckhart Tolle the Catholic Church admits that there is no such thing as an absoulte manual for absolute truth (the Church admitting that there is no guide to the real truth) is basically denying the Bible. This is why Evangelism and Protestantism (and others) separated themselves from the corporatization of every theology the Catholic Church can get their hands-on, but are they really separate or are we just made to believe that they are (dialecticism). Eckhart would later outline the dangerous of truth as a relative or absolute concept both in a personal and organised way. He also mentioned that truth is inseparable from what you are, and that you are the truth and if you look for it elsewhere you will be deceived every time. Kierkegaard describes Christianity not being a doctrine, but an existence communication that can only exist in Men’s lives if realized, but it’s our freedom and our consciousness of being an individual in the consciousness of eternity, which is fundamental in man.

Remarks like this by Walter Martin from his book ‘Kingdom of the Occult’; “It is no coincidence, then, that Theosophy and other occult-based beliefs speak in glowing terms of the ancient cult of Gnosticism, which thrived in the first three centuries of the Christian era and almost succeeded in doing irreparable damage to the historic Christian faith.” A historic Christian faith suggests an original (or a true Christian faith - which does not exist) if you do exercise that notion of thought, than you must trace or filter through 10, 000 (estimate) denominations that the Catholic Church has simulated; from within that, Gnosticism played a part in the history of Christianity. Allan Watts once did a lecture on why a belief in god shows a lack of faith; or the Gnostic would say a lack of the divine spark; or a philosopher would say a lack of intuition that would inherently mean a lack of imagination. The Gnostics re-interpreted everything including reality, but also deconstructed everything in their path. One of that deconstruction is pointing out the lack of evidence of a historical Jesus as opposed to the Jesus written in the Bible, and all historians would agree with this. Christian Apologetics rely on mainstream Christian historians acceptance of the story of Jesus based on probability and not of fact.

Walter Martin’s attempts to normalize the fundamentalist approach to the already demoralized followers of the Evangelical Christian Church shines a light of their many blockages, the false-to-fact abstractions of literal myth as fact. These results in people having inverse-solipsism and narcissism, however, his scriptural research on God being a “Trinity of Persons” coincides with Mark Cordova’s Trinity MAN.


The commonality of both researches is that the three divine persons as one triune God is both agreed upon because god has an essence in all of them. The only difference is ‘persons’ is used to associate god with man (persons). The occult (gnosis) does not deny that God is a personal being, but something that is beyond human comprehension. Notions like pantheism, monism (mind, Force, consciousness or universal energy) are just means of truth to reveal itself, consciousness itself has scientific bases. The personal nature God and tripersonal nature of God as mentioned in the scriptures does not correct error that occult writers laid out, but reaffirms the existence of a true God. This remark from Walter M: “God is personal, which means that he has all of the characteristics of what makes a person, and he communicates that way throughout Scripture.” This statement is an externalization of the soul, to reinforce scripture (doctrine) and not the mind as absolute and to calcify the Christ within. God communicates in many ways; one is through consciousness, and the other through scripture, Christ said ‘the kingdom of heaven is within.’


Jesus’ nature as God is that of the true eternal person/man of God, the second person of the Trinity. The unity of a composite character is recognized by Scripture as existing within the world God created.

Christian fundamentalist may despise the Gnostic approach, but people must realise that the Gnostic concept of cosmic alienation is similar to the Christian fundamentalist worldview. Some gnostic reading focuses on a world-rejecting side which resembles nihilism. This often doesn’t get focused on, as we are enthralled by concepts of divine sparks, Sophia and knowing, we forgot or gloss over that the world is ruled by a Demiurge and his Archons. There is a Gnostic organisation in Australia, called the Institute for Gnostic Studies; describes the contradiction of holistic philosophy and one of their main contention is to outline that Gnostics have always known conflict between matter and spirit. Aside from the biblical view of flesh battling spirit or cosmic dualism of many Zoroastrians (where Ahura Mazda and Ahriman battle across the universe) it’s that we have lost our appreciation for the spirit due to; accelerating technology reaching new heights. At the expense of the spirit, and light-self, we are losing our souls, mankind has lost his vision our ‘particles of light’ has been suppressed and mindless force of matter has taken ascendancy.

Another Australian Gnostic group the Life Science Fellowship, takes a more logical extreme; outlining that [behind all the mundane conspiracies and cover ups in the world there is vast cosmic conspiracy. Ultimately the conspiracy view of history aims to unveil the source of human suffering and pain. Conspiratologists search for the unity behind the mask of apparent complexity. They struggle to pinpoint and clarify those elements that poison the life stream of history. The Gnostics have already unmasked the grand charade and exposed the ignorant “god of this world,” along with his Earthly dupes. They urge us to escape from the trap of the world order and open our eyes to the higher level of transcendence.]

This is similarly close to the Christian fundamentalist worldview, where Satan is held responsible for any actions or any cultural manifestation that doesn’t match their values. Scapegoating the ignorant is to impose evil onto another and it dehumanises, this is similar to designate skin colour as to something unnatural.

Gnostics and Christians similar worldview aside, the common consensus of the true illuminated viewpoint is that; people are the true enlightened ones, the true beings of light, and not the rich marginal elites that keep us in a state of suppressed fear.

There seems to be a mention of an “Antichrist” a mythical being that is solely to blame for the aspects of the sinful man, the scapegoat - Lucifer (not Satan – there is a separation) according To Mark Cordova it is actually the one Male. It is mentioned in the lost book of Nostradamus of a one Male, this suggests an opposite Female, and people refer to man as encompassing both male and female hence the word mankind. Due to the belief that the first Holly Spirit was female and her name was MAN. This one male (is mythical), and is not bad, but rather he is good. However, it is the Antichrists who are the bad ones; the established order (governments, secret societies, Churches and so forth) their afraid of this one Male because he brings the downfall of the materialists. This one Male is pro-Christ and that’s because Christ does not stand for religion, but stands for the Trinity, a more fitting term for the Antichrist is to be called anti-god.

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