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Corruption of Symbols and Meanings and its Dialectical Contentions - Part 4:

Darwin Evolution vs. Intelligent design (Creationism):

Science misrepresents itself by excluding other notions that doesn’t match their rigid interpretation resulting in a transfixed interpretation hindering the intellectual development for people who are undecided. The levels of foolishness and prejudice among the self-appointed guardians of reason happen to be the most vocal people in the media, which is astonishing. In philosophical sense - the paradigm of thought that doesn’t fit a rigid interpretation has no long standing fixture (not permanent), as it shows through history; paradigms of thought is a fluctuating concept or transience.

Understand the best way you can about consciousness and you will have clearer understanding of evolution. What is consciousness …if it’s not energy and not matter? Matter, substance all objects are concepts that arise in consciousness these are things we conceptualise (we created) within the matrix of our consciousness, we thought matter, we thought energy. Energy itself is difficult concept to pin down, never the less the fact is that these are concepts that arose from consciousness; it is the primary source of reality it is the irreducible aspect of existence. It is the one thing that was never born and is the one thing that never dies and essentially the fundamental element of everything. Of course explaining consciousness as an absolute is impossible, it’s like trying to look at your eyes without a mirror. We can however, determine through excitation and experience of consciousness to that of reality because reality is experience. Consciousness is that which thinks, which observes, speculates, which creates models, and which generates explanations, and by modelling patterns and regularities through experience can be determined within the laws of nature and laws of psychology. Which are both similar aspects of the Jungian archetype.

Any notion of idealism that consciousness is a reflection of a process of evolution being unattainable because of the fact that there is evidence to conclude that the universe formed before consciousness life arose. Is to assume consciousness arises out of biology and therefore circumscribed by biology, so before biology arose there was no consciousness therefore evidence of the universe existing before biology denies idealism and reinforce a secular argument by assuming materialism for the argument. When in actuality life is the localisation of consciousness it’s a disassociation of consciousness, living beings are a disassociation alters, alter egos of the one mind behind all reality. Consciousness does not need to depend on biology in order for it to exist, biology are just certain images in the processes of consciousness.

There was a social movement in the late 1700 and early 1800 period, a movement of liberation from the controlling system of religion with superstition as their focus of control they had on the people. At the same time the industrial era was present, with the combination of the two people turned to science for explaining truth. The result of constricting consciousness grouped a lot of systems in a categorised box (the superstition box), in which they shouldn’t have, fundamental systems like: consciousness, intuition, human connection and paranormal phenomena were tagged as superstition and by doing so gave the assumption that having empirical data and evidence form the basis of proper thinking this is a fallacy in a sense it can be used to argue secular arguments for materialism. Reinforcing the false assumption that consciousness is just part of the brain, even though they have no idea on how it works. Even more frustrating is that through the scientific process especially in the field of Noetics and the works of biologist Rupert Sheldrake has proven that mass consciousness exist and is separate from the brain. Still, people seem to disregard it due to its historical taboo like reputation and other scientism factors. There are at least three concurrent processes working in nature that humanity is subject to and participating in: physical, mental and spiritual. Current evolution theories fall short of any explanation of the higher faculties of the human being such as self-consciousness, intuition and inspiration. The esoteric philosophy has something of real value to offer here, for instance the sacred language of consciousness can be equated to the sacred geometry of life.


Consciousness moves through to different states of being constantly moving closer and closer to divinity to phi, every time consciousness move towards a different stage a rapid biological change occurs changing into something new, (ancient Egyptian called this resurrection). We are in the process of conscious spiritual evolution and within those biological changes follow, there is evidence that modern science has evaluated concerning DNA. A child was found to have three DNA strands rather than two, going from a double helix to triple helix, this is not relatively new …the study has been around for two decades or so. There was also a convention in New Mexico around the early 2000s and the main topic of that day was genetic mutation, science acknowledges that we are changing, with all the rhetoric aside, the result of such genetic changes is unknowable. From what hidden history tells us and also through sacred geometry we can determine, humans once had 12 strains of DNA activated, but due to some event 10 has been turned off, we call junk DNA. 97% of our DNA is unused leaving us with 3% active, but those junk DNA are slowly being activated going from two to three, and by imagining the possibility of getting back to 12 strands of DNA being activated (a crystalline being as opposed to carbon based) that coincides with the 12 Chakras; the possibilities are limitless. In the Bible it mentions the coming of Christ, which happens to be the name of the third level of consciousness called Christ- consciousness, we are moving to Christ- consciousness and some people are already there. We are moving to the level of understanding that Jesus had and that is the Christos to the human species.

What scientists don’t know: Scientists don’t know where all matters come from, where the laws came from, where the energy came from. Also the notion that is the conservation of angular momentum, (if the universe began in a swirling dot), why do two planets spin backwards? (Venus, Uranus and possibly Pluto rotate backwards from other planets). Six of the 63 moons rotate backwards, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Intelligent people have come to the conclusion that scientism (not science itself) is a religion because it asks for you to believe, and so the same can be said for the majority of what Evolution advocates. The dialectical argument of believing God created heaven and earth 6000 thousand years ago to that of life stemming out of a rock or a pool 4.6 billion years ago. The many assumptions of different species having common ancestors is there by differentiated by the many original species it has common with. Is another example of a secular argument assuming materialism for the argument, the many different species of birds that Darwin found in the Galapagos Islands has a common ancestor and that ancestor is still the Bird. The many species of birds cannot be equated (or related) to something different entirely, and they are just mere variations.

The fallacy of fossils that such evidence cannot determine related species and that all the ancestors are, therefore, determine by bones, and within that inclusion of false to fact reference that certain animals back than has the abilities to do something that animals of today can’t. Steven Gaul states; “the absence of fossils evidence for any immediate stages is a persistent and nagging problem for evolution” they can look for the missing links as long as they wish, but how do you find something that doesn’t exist.

The fallacy of carbon dating ascribes to assumptions and so therefore is unreliable, using Kent Hovind’s analogy of a burning candle, if someone was to come across a burning candle and another person asks; ‘when was the candle lit’?, it’s undetermined as the candle was burning before he got there. Through empirical science the height and rate of burn of the candle is determined by the rate of burn of one inch per hour, but the fire in which it was lit is still undetermined, unless you are willing to make assumptions. So, you can determine the amount […] this can be measured and the rate of decay, but that is all. How much […] was in it at death and whether or not the decay rate has been constant are not provable. Samples of known age Radioisotope dating don’t work while samples of unknown age Radioisotope dating assumed to work.

Natural selection doesn’t cause evolution, but ensures the bad ones don’t survive; however, it’s not going to change into something else entirely, and a more definitive word to use is variation. Embryo development identifies gills in the embryo cell this is incorrect they are the proto growth for the ears and throat, and have nothing to do with breathing. Haeckel illustrated these fake drawings in 1874, however, real photos turned up and Haeckels assumptions would be proven wrong, although his drawings is still used in educational textbooks unto the later part of 1999 (not sure of the present time).

Stop deceiving yourselves; if you think you are wise by these world standards, you need to become a fool to be truly wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God, as the Scriptures say “He traps the wise in the snare of their own cleverness.” (1 Corinthians 3:18 NLT)

The dialectical timeline discrepancy: Christians was unable to counter the emerging scientific findings (alleged evidence) that challenged the Bible-based view of creation. Dialecticism arises between a rigidly materialistic science, which was telling that the earth was billions of years old, and Christian theology, which insisted the world had been created 6000 years ago.

Darwin method (theory) makes us a chance creation with no divine intervention, an accident that relies on extreme long events. What they do when they have a theory that they can’t prove, they extend the period of time (distance), a way in which it is difficult for you to comprehend in your mind (millions and billions of years). While introducing secular arguments that are impossible to argue against, for instance the notion of an infinite number of monkeys in an infinite amount of typewriters will eventually write Shakespeare’s plays. You will notice that they have mentioned that humans are just smart apes, being just animals we can be ruled over (and this is what it’s all about) and all this is weaved around the Darwinian myth alongside cosmic, chemical, stellar, organic and macro all centred on evolution that propagates this falsity.

Geological Conundrums: There was dialectical debate over Radiohalos or plechroic halos that they are evidence to conclude that Earth is indeed 6000 years old as stated in Genesis. These halos are spherical shells of discolouration within minerals such as biotite that occur in granite and other igneous rocks. The inclusion of minute radioactive crystals (zircon, apatite, or titanite) within the host crystal structure result in circular shells (zones of radiation damage). This gave them enough to conclude that rocks didn’t form from molten, but by creation. With more tests concerning halos of Po-218 to that of U-238 that these polonium inclusions decayed with a half-life of three minutes reaffirm this notion.

The opposing view is that discoloration is caused by alpha particles emitted by the nuclei; the radiuses of the concentric shells are proportional to the particle’s energy (Henderson & Bateson 1934). [Critics of Gentry, including Thomas A. Bailieu (Baillieul 2005) and John Brawley (Brawley 1992), have pointed out that Po-218 is a decay product of radon, which as a gas can be given off by a grain of uranium in one part of the rock and migrate to another part of the rock to form a uraniumless halo. Apparently a large number of radon atoms are caught or absorbed at a particular point. This phenomenon has not yet been observed experimentally, but is supported by the fact that Gentry’s “polonium halos” are found along microscope cracks in rocks that also contain uranium halos (Wakefield 1998). (Wikipedia)]

Fundamentalist are always quick to support unsupported claims, there was an incident where they claimed that a certain Buddhist text; mentions that the supreme enlightened one will prophesize a savior 500 years after his passing, and that overcoming sin is like wiping a marble, and the duration of time in which the marble will be rubbed out, determines that time and practice has nothing on sin being redeemed. This alleged text was copied and displayed in Fundamentalist Christian website. However, it’s wildly refuted by Buddhist monks and historians, these bears the question as why would Fundamentalist Christian Groups fraudulent themselves. Is simply due to the fact of ‘faith over spirituality’ and not ‘faith and spirituality’, a major fallacy in Kent Hovind’s teachings lacks any mentions of consciousness.

Back on subject; iron meteorites consist of iron, nickel, and alloy; 95 precent contain iron nickel metal, which means the metal is mostly iron, but contains 4 or 30 percent nickel, as well as few tenths of a precent of cobalt. Nickel is metal rare on earth, and display unique feature that is never found in ordinary terrestrial material, which gives it an otherworldly perspective, mainstream science claims it is found on earth. Possible hoaxes invented by mainstream geologist to misinform society of a grand-designer, meteorites suggest a hyperreal space, and therefore the notion of fragments of something otherworldly has merit, but not in the hyperreal sense, but instead in an enclosed kind. And can possibly determine a longer date time in which our earth exists.


Epistemology revisions: The false-fact that we live in a physical universe governed by immutable laws is highly questionable, scientists have figured out that the speed of light is not constant; it changes and is in a state of flux. Notion of immutability disregards the quantum model, also consciousness being the crown of all being, and the holographic reality. Instead, reaffirms rigid interpretation and science is the authority. In the previous essay “Hyperreal-space vs. Space-real”, I mentioned that scientism is really a form of magic, what is missing from that statement is that they’re run by an elite groups who practices magic (scientists under the thumb of agents practising magic) not ordinary magic, but magic(k) that has sinister connotations towards the four tenets of Satanism (1. The worship of the Ego – (or self), 2. Moral Relativity – (situational ethics), 3. Social Darwinism – (survival of the fittest) 4. Eugenics – (I decide who lives or dies)).

Basic Darwinism is the survival of the fittest in a social context it’s only the species that is able to get the most resources and fight. The concept of genetic homeostasis a scientific fact that you can mutate and breed a species to a point it becomes sterile or goes back to its original shape, but it can go outside those parameters; to make evolution a fact is to break homeostasis, which is undoable. The elite class needs Darwinism in order for social Darwinism to occur, so the guy who can manoeuvre around business, the guy who is able to make his way. The survival of the ruthless, (corporatism) allows psychopathy to rule the world, and they need Darwinism as a model for social-Darwinism as an implementation.

New Age and the Accelerating Evolution: The sacred Geometry being the language of consciousness that employs the spiritual evolutional change from 2nd to 3rd levels of consciousness coincides with the many dimensions of the New Age. The New Age holds much of their existence to the conventional current thought, especially with the human potential movement which centres on the idea of personal transformation that individuals can accelerate the evolution of humanity. This idea is removed from Darwinian notion of natural selection that an individual can do nothing to further the development of species; one gene will either prove advantageous to survival or not.

There is also a link between emotion and genetics, a researcher […] who put photons in a vacuum that was scattered, and a sample of DNA was inserted. They measured the photons and found it aligned with the axis of the DNA then as they removed the DNA it remained present also known as the phantom DNA experiment. Science has bridged the gap between the physical and ethereal (or spiritual) and that our emotions affect our DNA, which directly shapes the physical world we experience every day. Which mirrored the change in the heavily bodies, astrological motions serve as a clock to map changes and transitions, which reflects the changes in existence (as above, so below).

Evolution in relation to the human potential movement bears more resemblance to French naturalist Jean-Baptise de Lamarck (1744-1829) that preceded Darwin by half a century. Unlike Darwin, Lamarck believed that acquired characteristics can be transmitted to one’s progeny. Creative evolution is intriguing (whether you believe it or not) and it embraces the progress of the species more actively than mere sac of genes. It’s further elaborated by Friedrich Nietzsche ‘Overman’ or ‘Superman’ he wrote:

I teach you the overman. Man is something that shall be overcome. What have you done to overcome him? All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment, and man shall be just that for the overman. (Nietzsche, F, Thus Spake Zarathustra n.d)

So his implying a distinguish aspect of man and superman, but man can enhance itself to be closer to superman, Michael Murphy co-founder of Esalen states: “metanormal capacities…seem to develop best in conjunction with love for other living things.” He lays out the importance of love and that love transcends and reveals fundamental unity with others. He also outlines that this new evolutionary domain is both spontaneous and transformative practice, and is not limited to exceptional feats of physical prowess or paranormal abilities, but includes transcendent empathy and altruism.

* Sidenote: There is definitely a form of New Age Deception infiltrated by the Rockefeller group; however, one must distinguish the originals (profound teachers like Allan Watt, Terence McKenna, etc.) of the movement, before the likes of Deepak Chopra (a member of the club of Rome) and others that are agents of disinformation for the elite.

Alien Intervention moment: There is a place in Africa called Adams calendar where an unsupported truism is mentioned, not the place, but the myth. It is assumed a group of beings named Anunnaki, artificially genetically created the Adamu the human species that has links to Egypt.

The research that supports Zecharia Sitchin’s Annunaki concept of history is inconsistent with Gnostic and Genesis teaching. The notion of the adamski being developed to conjure slaves to mine monatomic gold, by taking out part of the rib of the Adamski to manipulate the DNA, then implanting it to a woman, for the women to give birth to a genetically modified human. Is a retelling, according to Arcanum teaching such a similar event took place, and it is possible Sitchin took parts of those teaching and incorporated to his own myth (agenda). Some scholars are claiming Annunaki and Elohim are the same beings of people. Backed by numerology Elohim = 31, Adam’s Calendar (Zimbabwe) is 31 degrees East longitude of the Great pyramid, although I don’t know how much truth that is in a flat Earth model.

According to esoteric wisdom teachings Gods were androgynous, Shiva – Ardhanareshvara, and the Aztec God – Ometecuhtli. In the beginning God created Elohim (Elohim meaning – male/female, gods/goddesses), Elohim means the governors of creation and were both male and female were also known as angels. In Genesis 2:7 states: “Jehovah Elohim formed man from the dust of the earth. He blew into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being.” In Genesis 1:27 “God created man in his own image; in the image of Elohim created he them: male and female created he them.”

In Genesis 2:8 “Jehovah Elohim planted a garden in Eden, in the east, and placed there the man whom he had formed.” This man is what we know as Adam, along with the Garden of Eden existed in the 4th dimension. According to Esoteric teachings exist seven fundamental dimensions 1-2-3, 4-5-6-7/0 (illustrated in the tree of life symbol), angels that traverse these realms were represented as Jacob’s Ladder. 4th dimensions exist vital energy in Hebrew is known as the Yesod. Humans (Adam) needed to grow spiritually. And so Jehovah Elohim took the hermaphrodite man’s rib then closed up the flesh, then Jehovah made a woman from the rib he took out of the hermaphrodite man. Then, Jehovah said “she will be called women,” since that time man and woman have existed seeking each other as to be one.

So within this story it’s easy to formulate that Sitchin took the notion of Angels and swapped it with Aliens/Archons, which brings his notion into question. Angels were clearly in human form to begin with. DNA evidence can link human ancestor to common ancestor, and so one can conclude through apocryphal texts that those ancestor’s is from Adam and Eve and Kane (this is a heavy subject, and is for another thesis). In Gnostic groups ‘Jehovah’ is something of a bad word, it is believed by them, Jehovah does not want a man to be a reflection of him, the creator, and not a reflection of the Supreme God.

The Theosophical Option (for consideration purpose only): Blavatsky gave a third option in her Secret Doctrine (1988); she claims earth is millions of years old and that it’s one of countless universes that are ceaselessly out of the Absolute. The Secret Doctrine itself has an extended commentary on a cryptic text called The Stanzas of Dzyan, Some Scholars suggests that this work form part of the Kanjur, the immense cannon of Tibetan Buddhist scripture although sceptics follows such claims.

The doctrine suggests “the Eternity of the Universe in toto as boundless plane… ‘the playground of numberless Universes incessantly manifesting and disappearing’,” (Blavatsky, 1988). [The book teaches that behind the generation of numberless worlds lies the Absolute, “an Omnipresent, Eternal, Boundless, and Immutable Principle,” which manifests in dual form, as “spirit” and “Matter”; the interplay of these two force causes all things to be. (Hidden Wisdom, Smoley, R. Kinney, J 2006)]

[Furthermore, all souls are fundamentally one with a cosmic Oversaul, which is itself, but an aspect of the Absolute; hence the “Esoteric philosophy admits no privileges or special gifts in man, save those won by his own Ego through personal effort and merit throughout a long series of … reincarnations.” (Hidden Wisdom, Smoley, R. Kinney, J 2006)]

This alludes to the central idea of Theosophy: the doctrine of involution and evolution. A far more comprehensive teaching than Darwinian method, Theosophy ascribes to the progressive development of everything including atoms is taught. That is, all existence is taking part in an enormous cycle of the descent of Spirit into Matter and its eventual return to the bosom of the Absolute. Evolution is not a blind or mechanical process, but is guided by conscious forces, personified as the seven Dhyan-Chohans, “Cosmic Gods” who rule over nature.

[The Secret Doctrine teaches evolution although differentiated by the concept of seven root races of which ours is the fifth. The first race known as “the lords of the moon,” had only begun the descent into matter; they did not have a solid matter (Blavatsky jokingly describes them as “pudding-bags”), the second races are the Hyperboreans named after the country in ancient Greek myth located beyond the North Pole. The third race was the Lemurians; the fourth was the race of Atlantis; the fifth is ours the Aryans (not a particular ethnic group, but a particular human race that began a million years ago). We are the race that is firmly embedded in materiality, and we will be followed by two more Root-Races, who will again become less material and more spiritual in substance, eventually we will reach the stage of Dhyan-Chohans. In the Secret Doctrine, then, there is a subtle dynamic between collective and individual evolution; throughout the gestation of universes cycles of races, each being, indeed each atom, is given to attain cosmic consciousness. Evolution takes place through karma as played out in reincarnation. Although these two concepts have become deeply embedded in the popular mind, they still need to be clarified. (Hidden Wisdom, Smoley, R. Kinney, J 2006)]


The Darwinian evolutional method that changed the paradigm of the human perception act as an absolute authority, which may seem progressive, but in actuality it’s backwards. Anyone that follows such a notion is misled which for the most part is everyone because of the indoctrination of such theories to young children in our school systems. The result of such misleading intellectualism forms an excuse or myopic viewpoint that doesn’t get challenged. The dialectical contention towards the Darwinian evolution method is questioned by intelligent design. The truth is … to the surprise of the majority collective whole, it tends to lean towards intelligent design and therefore also creationism, but it must include evolution’s micro-evolution variations as it explains an aspect of consciousness mutation changes, anything beyond micro-evolution is dogma, such as cosmic, chemical, stellar, organic and macro-evolutions.

Evolution is the movement from within to manifest certain “inborn” principles, the idea that DNA molecules existence are formed through chance is and wildly refuted by esoteric philosophy. There are ordering factors in the development of a cell, scientists (outsiders to scientism) has formulated through their calculations the formation of a molecule through mechanical, molecular forces and are astronomically small let alone the formation of a cell. Biologists will come to realise there are deeper organisational forces of life at work beyond what they understand now, for instance the biogenic radiation coming from a cell when it divides. Aside from the current scientific idea about evolution, there are more levels to evolution and there are also separate lines of evolution coming together into the human being.

There is however, a place for natural selection in esoteric philosophy (or teachings) the correct parts of Darwinism like the ‘principles of natural selection,’ but the transformations of forms as a Darwinist theory is not a fact in nature. In reality it is a ‘theory in transformation’ (more explanation can be found in Purucker, G ‘Man in Evolution’). Reductionists including Darwinists, fail to acknowledge subtle factors at work in the human race and in this world, many have shortcomings. I have to mention Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt, which outlines both Biological and Paleontological evidence that can convey the failure of Darwin’s approach. A respectable Dutch magazine reported that Palaeontologists discovered fossils in the layers of earth that contradicted mainstream evolution theories. Instead of showcasing such findings to the world they abandoned their excavation and kept silent about their discovery, one must wonder how many other findings are found and kept away from the public.

The opposing dialectic contention between scientists and the public would ask the question ‘why would anyone hold out such important findings?’ This question usually arises from the standpoint of the demoralised (brainwashed) and (non-spirituals, atheists/agnostics), when answers are given to them, their reply is further compounded by other questions. “What are secret societies? What is occultism? What is the New World Order?” and so forth. Compounded questions are not easy to answer in a straightforward way; there is a whole book ‘Darwin’s Doubt’ about Darwin having doubts about his theory, which is outlined in his book. An entire book based on one statement on one page of Darwin’s book. So by answering such loaded questions (as fore-mentioned) in one statement is deluding oneself because answering those questions would require to draw everything from creation, literally everything this would fill several libraries on the subjects associated with the human condition, and is ultimately up to the individual to find his/her own insight through researching knowledge.

Nikola Tesla once said “the day science begins the study of non-physical phenomena; they will make more progress in one decade then all the periods of centuries in existence.” Science must not limit its potential to a theory and be willing to be open-minded, and in doing so asking the question “how does consciousness affect biology”?


Michael Keefe.


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