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Corruption of Symbols and Meanings and its Dialectical Contentions - Part 2:

Hyperreal-space vs. Space-real:

There is a dialectical contention between scientism and enclosed-creationism on the notion of ‘space’ that it might not favour a cosmological theory, but leans towards an enclosed system and that ‘space’ is a hyperreal – (space) notion. One group can identify this as an abstraction, they view space as a projection of the physical world, in the same way we project measurements, like the lines of latitude and longitude. They would view time as divisions like hours, minutes, seconds the world as a dial in a clock that measures change upon the result of the two changing processes. The changing process of the clock to the changing process of distance, through this relationship you get time. This ability to measure distances you get the concept of space, this is an abstraction because its force …has led to this point of view, by the fact space isn’t really there …it is absent. This notion of a no-space abstraction is the result of the force leading into something. A Chinese text called the ‘platform sutra’ that contributed to the sixth patriarch of Zen Buddhism; there is passage where it says the mind is like the emptiness of space and if you want to realise this, don’t exclude everything from your mind. So if space contains everything, one must understand to empty the mind by making the mind small instead of great. So separating space between what it contains and what it holds causes suspicion to arise, when you see this relationship as one entity it equals out, no one is able to see a shape that had no stuff.

In having said this, the (Eastern) philosophical concept that is intrinsically linked to the universal law of polarisation, is looked in way that can coincide with the macro viewpoint as a ‘real’ because it gives people the safe mental state of logic. So there has to be a ‘space’ …as a container that holds the spherical Earth in place, the contention arises in the details or interpretation and evidence. If by chance the evidence is given, it acts as a sincere truth only upon the revelation that it does not adhere to the quality and relationship that can function as experience or states of consciousness and therefore leaving it invalid. On the previous Essay on “Vitvan’s General Semantics” he outlines the importance of not using Words/Images for which any proper referent or reference has been established. The image of the Earth is a composite of data-sets from several different instruments translated into a picture, and mostly notable person in charge of this is (Nasa’s) Rob Simmons. He says; “it is photo-shopped …but it has to be” and so this is where one set of suspicions lies, hoaxes (moon-landings, and space travels) act as a simultaneous ‘false and real’ referent or reference when all they have is the false Label, leaving us with a hyperreal-space notion. Space-shuttles and rockets take-offs are real to a point they’re not, our inability to pass a certain point is halted by something unimaginable to human understanding, so space shuttles in orbit is a false-real; ‘space’ therefore is an abstraction. We are seeing an image/shape without a container, without the stuff …so if there is no stuff… it dissolves.

Space abstraction aside space is also ‘you’, space is your consciousness which acts like an infinite permeable continuum. Let’s not forget the concept of ‘space’ is a hyperreal notion to scientism, therefore ‘space’ as a notion of second heaven before the first, sort of a pre-nirvana bears more truth. Or be it a transcendental notion, so the conquest of space is the conquest of non-existent in an ethereal sense. The duality of polar thinking, of “being and non-being” as mentioned by (Alan Watt) describes the ‘world’ as existence and ‘space’ as non-existent. The contention or differential is that ‘space’ to scientism is something infinite, something of an accidental grand design. The opposing views than by the enclosed-creationism groups or Flat-Earthers, (a sub-sect of enclosed-creationist the only difference being, some Flat-Earthers view it only through scientific evidence in the natural process and not of ‘myth’ or ‘dogma’) is their unwillingness to take the final step and conclude there is a grand designer. Much like an agnostic having one foot through the door of atheism the other foot in reality for the possibility of something supernatural is at work, just in case they’re wrong. So enclosed-creationists view ‘space’ as something that is finite within the walls of time.

We have an inability to measure ‘space’ (not the hyperreal-space) the space within the walls of time, the ‘wall’ being the firmament, and ‘time’ … as being inside the firmament. This ‘space’ is in the realms (of space-real) above the layer that gives the sun and moon buoyancy below this layer is what we call a ‘thing’, ‘stuff’, ‘material’ and linear-time. So reality is considered what is in the space, at the same time …space as something that is not there. Much like how we view the world through our eyes (optics), the eyes are receptive to certain vibration of light and therefore where certain vibration are not being transmitted the nerve ends are not stimulated and so don’t receive stimuli, and so this denial of stimuli is …‘space’… we call it darkness. So this ‘space-real’ act as an interval between the real and the non-real, the law of the universe postulate vibrations and impulses that determine our material world, and if you saw this ‘space-real’ through the physical and not the spiritual (one comes to mind, he goes by the name of Enoch), you wouldn’t be able to make out the individual outlines which require this non-being intervals in order for their being to be realised or outlined. So to see the outline of the being you must have the intervening space of the non-being, but non-being in this example, simply means lacking stimulation of whatever perceiving instrument you are using. Space (or space-real) is simply something of a different order than ordinary something.

All sages condemn approaching the understanding of nature or ground of being through an image and if you wish to correctly perceive it you must not have an image of it because by having an image of it, will set you up for idolatry, but don’t deny to an extent it becomes compulsive that it becomes iconoclasm. When we start hating certain images means you’re still attached to them, upon the realisation of the truth in which we reside is a plain and a closed-stage, the image of globe is false and yet I’m still clinging to the image, so much so that I won’t stop watching ‘Star Wars’, or ‘Star Trek’. It is not wrong to make an image but to set yourself apart from it, to realise and experience the ground of being you need to be free from images. You need to suspend the activity for thinking, there is a lot more to thinking, and there is a direct apprehension to the world an unmediated concept for thoughts, this kind of apprehension is needed to be understood in order to understand ‘space’.

So, you can see why Zeus were angry at Prometheus when he gave the fire (the faculty of thinking to men), or God excluding Lucifer from heaven for giving the light (the illumination of the spirit) to man. That’s because this intention was never meant for man, not at this speed anyhow and with no interference also, it’s like as soon as the fallen ones were excluded they had some certain mandate to acquire, a mandate for heaven. This gave us the notion of being co-partners of the great play that is the human condition.

Taking a Hermetic viewpoint of the ‘fall’ that we are put into a place of secondary position, and are able to be redeemed by Christ, but realising somehow that we don’t deserve it. The Holy Spirit’s hand of forgiveness reaching out like a vessel for god’s message of overlooking our sinful dysfunction and drawing you up …in spite of yourself. This position then reinforce a partnership with deity and the essence of being, this is the basic structure of magic because the essence of the human being is incomplete a re-coded interpretation of the original. Hermetica ascribed the notion of humanity being the brother of god, while also adhering to the notion that humanity is not tainted by original sin. Further layered by, Marcello Pacino’s quote “man is the measure of all things” this single quote took all that guilt away and made a godhead out of man, this open door ideology brought in abuse. Fostered by the recognition of a misunderstanding of dates in which Hermes wrote the text that it was not written at the time of Moses, but more recent to the Hellenistic era, what they thought was ancient text was revised by the Romans and is a certain of a post-Christian text. Due to the text not being older then it was. This paved the way for another ideology to come in and imprint their doctrine, this imprint took form in thought as a pathological ego mind virus using the scientific process as a cover for their unmeasured theories, and it took form in science and prevailed as scientism of today.

The truth about Scientism is that their structure is solely based in the pseudo realm, only through merging and adhering to spirit and god is a step forward towards truth. Concepts like golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, and Pi, (which are mathematical concepts of god) is pseudo according to scientism and when there indoctrinating believe system is debunked or proven wrong through the scientific process, they still cling to their false belief system. They are stuck in a habit of thought; they can’t grasp the concept of knowing without the knower or gnosis through self. These ruts of thought that scientism has further compounded by false heroes (Bill Nigh, Brian Cox, Richard Dawkins and Neil Degrassi) all act as messengers of intelligence, when clearly they are not. They are far from intelligent they are agents of discourse, political leaders for science as iconographic patsies; they are not open to the variation of the actual world. They can only see what they’re taught to see, academic psychology is always in a position of bafflement when it comes to learning theory. There perplexed point of view comes about in denying the learning process, which is about the process of converting new experiences into the terms of what you have already learnt, and if this isn’t understood you never really learning at all. This lack of knowing or Gnosis introduces dogmatism in the scientific world, dogmatism is fundamentalism in the Christian world. All due to inability to turn off thought, which is what the true meaning of being open-minded is about, by turning of thought … and thus being turned on to reality.

The space-real (as opposed the hyperreal-space) can be further understood through the lens of Hermetic philosophy, Hermeticism is based on the Hermetic Corpus a group of books that were lost at the fall of the Roman Empire. Most were destroyed by Christian barbarians, and so were scattered, but survived in the monasteries of Syria. The content and date of the corpus text was pre-Copernican, and so it wasn’t tarnished. Tarnished in a sense of other ideology over seeding it in the minds of people as a mind virus, these three passages of the Hermetic Corpus (as below exemplified) describe hints of truth of the imagination, of our closed-stage, and space and spirit.

The imagination:

If then you do not make yourself equal to god, you cannot apprehend god. For like is known by like. Make yourself grow to alike expanse, and leap clear of all that is corporeal. Rise above all time and become eternal then you will apprehend god, think that for you nothing is impossible, deem that you to are immortal, and that you are able to grasp all things in your thought. To know every craft and every science, find your home in the haunts of every living creature, make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths, bring together in yourself all opposites of quality, heat and cold, dryness and fluidity, think that you are everywhere at once at land at sea, in heaven, think that you are not yet begotten that you are in the womb that you are young that you are old that you have died, you’re in the world beyond the grave, grasp in your thought all this at once, all times and places and substances and qualities, magnitudes together, then you can apprehend god, but if you shut up your soul and your body and abase yourself and say I know nothing, I can do nothing, am afraid of earth and sea, I cannot mount to heaven, I cannot, I know not what I was or what I shall be, then what have you to do with god!! You’re thought can grasp nothing that is good and you cleave to the body and are evil. (Book 9 Corpus, Hermetica – Scott translation)

The space: (not real title)

Would that it would be possible for you to grow wings and sore into the air posed between earth and heaven you might see the solid earth, the fluid sea and streaming rivers, the wondering air the penetrating fire, the courses of the stars and the swiftness of the movement in which heavens encompasses all. What happiness is that my son, to sell all this born along with one impulse and to behold him who is unmoved, moving all that moves, and him who is hidden made manifest through his works.

The mind and the (space) celestials: (not real title)

But he, who, presents all things to us through our senses and there by manifest himself through all things and in all things, and especially to those to whom he wills to manifest himself. Begin then my son taught with a prayer to the lord and father who alone is good pray that you may find favour with him and that one ray of him if only one, may flash into your mind so that you may have power to grasp and thought that mighty being. For thought alone can see that, which is hidden in as much as thought itself is hidden from sight and even the thought, which is within you is hidden from your sight. How can he …being in himself be manifest to you through your bodily eyes, but if you have power to see with the eyes of the mind, then my son, he will manifest himself to you. For the lord manifest himself ungrudgingly too through all the universe, and you can behold god’s image with your eyes and lay hold on it with your hands, if you wish to see him think on the sun, think on the course of the moon, think on the order of the stars. Who is it that maintains that order the sun is the greatest of the gods in heaven to him as to their king and overlord and all the kings of heaven yield place and yet this mighty god greater than earth and see submits to having smaller stars circling above him. Who is it than my son that he always obeys with reverence and owe, each of these stars too is confide by measured limits and has an appointed space to range in. Why do not all the stars in heaven run like or equal courses, who is it that is assigned to each its place and marked out for each the extent of its course … (and so forth).

Thoughts and symbols go hand in hand like the sun and moon; apart, but spinning together as one, the togetherness of thought and symbols constitute what we experience within the physical and spiritual world through our senses, but upon realising the physical world is the same as the spiritual. The physical must not be confused with the symbolic, there is no real difference as it all stems from one energy. The realisation that determines we are all energies stemming from one source is a relief and it dissolves all your problems, problems concerning the meta-physical are absolved. On the other hand, localised problems still arise in the practical physical world (paying bills, fixing cars and so forth).

Creationism is slowly opening up to a science-spiritual concept in a way that can help their understanding, which otherwise would keep them in a ‘myth’ driven state. Of course there are fractioning within any organization, and within any fractioning they adopt forgotten knowledge (although, fundamentalist …like to call it occult, as it conjures heresy and further reinforce a segregating mentality) to their sliding scale (and at times hypocritical) orthodoxy belief system. Enclosed-creationism is inherently Christian and with the adoption or realisation of an enclosed system further convince an absolute …of a grand designer or intelligent designer. Being inherently Christian they tend to lean towards another group whose belief system borders on extremism and that’s fundamentalist-Christian, because the flat-earth concept is an either/or extreme it makes sense for them to grasp or marry a group that’s already in the realm of extremism. (‘I can only say be careful in your mission for insight’). It makes it easier to convince people who already follow those belief systems; however it’s the mainstream you have to convince as they are the majority and are highly demoralised.

Why all these varied extremism and schisms exist and so rampart can be easily understood through a passage by Terrance McKenna’s lecture Alchemy and Hermeticism (Magic and Supernatural Mysticism) sums up where such thought processes originate. The schism between science and religion bears no thought as its origination is what science call pseudo ‘magic’. Paraphrasing McKenna:

During the renaissance period there were many heterodoxy groups in Europe that had links to the late Roman period and partially survived through the dark ages, you have Neo-Platonists (a group of philosophers in the 3rd and 4th century, Platonist, etc.) they took Plato and turned his teachings into to a mystical doctrine of emanation by taking the notion of the one or the unnameable or Brahman and so forth, then they would have a serious of declensions into a more material and multiple view of expressions of being, and so became known as Neo-Platonist-Emanationists there theories on how the universe were constructed has become the unconscious bases of late magical speculation. They brought in the archetypal image of angels, for the purpose of making people recognise a hierarchy of being, upon doing that they had to compete with the archetypal image of stellar demons. That came from paganism; which is about bringing the powers of the stars down to earth, through sympathetic magic, by setting up resonance through rituals and by doing this relates them within one’s intention. Which tend to be intuitively linked to creativity and artistry. Through this renaissance period of exploration of angel magic soon turned into demonic conjuration, (and I speculate the birth of fundamentalism). This superstition obsession went on through the 16th century, alchemy, conjuration, telesmatic magic, and sympathetic magic are all prelude to modern science, and so therefore science is essentially a demonic enterprise. The only difference being is in the name ‘magic’ to that of ‘science’ for a modern secular definition, all stemming from the notion of turning led into gold, (which is a false image of the meaning of alchemy), but it is in the understanding of that process …to change matter …and to define science as magic is warranted. (McKenna, T, audio lecture)

Giordano Bruno a Franciscan monk that was burnt at the stake, for his heretic notions of thought, those thoughts being that the stars are suns. This moment in time where people’s world view were about angels and demons, was outraged by this new notion. In this single moment turned the universe to an infinite paradigm, going against Aristotle and so the church wouldn’t have it and he was put to death. Of course it was Copernicus that did the maths and established the solar systems, but it was Bruno who came up with the thought during a drug infested night, where his thoughts and moments of clarity were astute. Bruno should be remembered for his works and be reminded not to take free thought for granted, also be remembered for his works in the geometry of language and not for the co-partnership of Copernicus. Copernicus was another machine a magician in a sense he changed the alchemical mindset of people from truth perspective (that has possible links to the mystery schools) to an infinite satellization concept, conjuring images that has false-referents as their evidence for science, not realising magic is really at play.

An example of an abstraction image that has false referents that coincide with interpreting the image of a flat earth is people assume in having an image of a flat earth you will fall of it, thereby using logic as to pose the notion of illogical inherency, when given an image that has referents (or, proof) the logic of an ice wall barrier is, therefore, sound; beyond the ice wall is undetermined, undetermined in a sense we have no evidence (reference, images, proof) apart from the word of an explorer, an image that has true referents hide itself in plain sight, i.e. United nation world map.

The whole solar system is an abstraction, if you look at the moon and see clouds behind it; this is a point of reference in which you can determine false referent image that’s been imprinted onto you. If the moon is indeed 384,500km, clouds cannot be behind the moon and yet it does, you will find many more false abstractions as you investigate further. On Alan Watts’s notion of the inner space, with my notion of the space-real, and the hermetic notion of space with the spiritual and the imagination along with Bruno’s …now debunked stars are suns. What exactly are stars if it is not the sun? One can only speculate and by speculating putting false referents to it, it’s always good to put a disclaimer. In saying that, stars are possibly a multi-dimensional aberration. A possibility in where infinity can be applied.

If you awake to this deceit you’re past the W.T.F. stage and now looking for answers, dismissing modern (Nasa Scientists – magicians) and re-inventing modernity that fits or going back to an archaic mentality while at the same time looking ahead through technology. Deconstructing the clarity of the western eye and with this, people should be excited.


Michael Keefe.




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