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Corruption of Symbols and Meanings and its Dialectical Contentions - Part 1:

Truth as a notion of a dialectical psychological operation is like telling people breathing air is heresy, so by adding the word ‘movement’ after the word truth as to be ‘truth-movement’, that is like a wave set to hit the shore of contemporary ideals. This notion has both positive and negative implications. Harnessing air (by viewing air as truth) and categorising it in groups and selling it to people, is what is essentially taking place. Something as natural as air cannot be harnessed and sold, however, the idea can be sold. Selling the duality of ideals of a dialectic polarity of truth, are the driving forces for perpetual stalemate. Protestantism vs Catholicism, Religion A vs Religion B, Evangelical fundamentalist vs New Age, Jesuits vs Zionists, Conspiracy A vs Conspiracy B and so forth. All this is a form of information war waged upon you and strongly (Hegelian) and rationale in its dialectic approach, making no room for the true spiritual Gnostic self.

Meaning is the evaluation of ‘things’, events, people, etc. when one can see/perceive a value in/of something, someone, etc., then one can establish a meaningful relation with the other (being ‘thing’). Meaning is perceived value, attached to something or to some person or situation or event concepts/beliefs (religion with its symbols and ideas). This type of meaning is often fully charged often (emotional issues)… There are several levels to ‘value’ and ‘meaning’, varying from survival value to aesthetic value and transcendental value. The association to meaning can take time develop, certain framework and context must be present for meaning to emerge. Developing our simple perception and instinctive awareness can further appreciate the true content. Marty Monteiro has developed a theory of interaction that incorporates some important features in this regard.

Esoteric teachings tend to be distorted, by (you guessed it) fundamentalist Evangelical Christians, which dissipate its true meaning. Mainstream Christians has to discern and be re-educated from fundamentalist Christian’s mind-viruses aftermath, so as to find the true meaning of the Gospel, to the false one that’s perceived by false prophets. The spiritualist has to re-educate the mainstream Christians confusion that fundamentalist Christian spew, but also having to educate people both mainstream Christians and the New Age about the Gospel of Christ and the Occult (hidden) teachings, both cannot be separated due to occult texts (like the Nag-Hammadi, Book of Enoch and so forth). This can benefit and connect people with important context and meaning, which otherwise maybe perverted; this process can stimulate intuition in oneself, which can determine the result from the work they setup upon themselves. A gradual comprehension of information allows intuition to ponder truth.

Theosophy does not believe in anything under the sun, but about investigating things (spiritual and psychic) and relating them to each other, just like (X-files) Mulder and Scully investigating everything in Ufology, which has an association with everything in creation. A study of religions, philosophies, and science is also encouraged. At the same time accepting that the term ‘modern-myth’ as a focal point at this present time is inaccurate, one must view in a way that is timeless, and also viewing truth as a timeless quality as well. These two attributes can never really be modern in a post-Jung, post-Campbell era. View it in a way of new-units coming in, but the name of those units (myth) is still the same. A typical case … using the movie the matrix as an example the ‘Agents’ (gatekeepers, techno-archons) are Angels (or Archons) of old. Within this also viewing ‘myth’ as something more important than fact, facts can change there is a transient quality to facts. Blavatsky also mentions in interpreting myths one must go through several factors.

In the film the Matrix a movie ahead of its time, is about a computer hacker who learns from several mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers. These mirrors a lot of what is happening to modern society, especially in the quest for truth, much like in the X-files slogan “the truth is out there”. Neo’s awakening to the illusion of a system that he sits upon is a false one, hints at an allegorical truism in today’s society not to mention the film had a vast amount of philosophical undertones which at the time was esoteric (or even occult like). Stephen Hoeller paraphrasing Alan Watt ascribes to the notion of our lives is about: “taking away the pejorative meaning of disillusionment and we should re-establish the idea that we all need to be disillusioned, having our illusion taken away …because only in that way, we can find our way to reality.” (Hoeller, S)

One thing the fundamentalist Christian has right is their viewpoint that coincides with the Gnostic belief system. The viewpoint of living in an illusory world and that we need to cut through that illusion world and awake from it, and when we awaken we are not going to awaken to something that is good right away, but rather the awareness of things that are darker and more powerful, more conspiring, the result of that presence … maybe, is a way to achieving our freedom (the first steps before taking physical action) by the liberation of the self within. Is slightly differentiated by Christian’s belief in the faith of Christ, but not the Christos, there are many steps to this; at least they have the first one (or be it a transfixed step).

Aside from fundamentalists/mainstream (both Christian and Islam and others) figure pointing narcissistic approach on the viewpoint of everything that is not their belief system is wrong, which sets the foundation for extremism. This in turn has ultimately dampened society’s transcendental progression, and so when one is confronted by such extremism, people lack the spiritual strength because they are not connected with anything. Except for our bodies, our money and our ideals, this will be an unsustainable living process during a certain time and where reaching that peak. The answer to such a problem is to simply recover your spiritual roots, but realizing there are no recognisable differences between transcendental awakening and spiritual recognition of human potential. On the other hand, one aspect of the two …must go deeper, there will be no spiritual effective potential as long as we stay in a limited state of consciousness; an example of such limitation takes form in a dialectic approach, but before critical dialecticism one must understand symbols and images through general semantics, as to identify any blockages.

Korzybski (Vitvan’s) General Semantics:

Vitvan’s re-interpretation of (Korzybski) General Semantics is about developing forces and energies that is in Mother Nature, by understanding it to an extent that is helpful to everyone, and in its simplicity becomes effective in the understanding process. Through ignorance and reification of symbols and words, over-intellectualisation and 2000 years of knowledge being suppressed has steered the human population astray. This turning of point has blocked the natural flow of energy to a large degree that it became expressions of something else entirely, and this something else now forms the basis of what we know civilization to be. With an over emphasis on materialism fuelled by egoism that is a distortion on the minds of the human race, and so resulting in the forgetting of our true purpose and destiny.

Vitvan’s emphasises that we live in a dynamic energy-world, out of which eventuate ‘things’, ‘bodies’, configuration of units of energy. The conception of ‘things’, and ‘bodies’ are part of a semantic device, a sort of artefact that helps people to remember that those artefacts does not essentially exist, and so therefore energy and the configurations of units of those energies is all there is. Vitvan expresses that subtle energies are a natural phenomenon, intrinsic to nature and somewhat a proto-antithesis to a metaphysics mindset. This distinction is not new, but a way to express an aspect of consciousness through a filter of a science-spiritual definition, Vivtvan foresaw a change of this mentality, a change in orientation towards life, a splitting in the mind taking place in the world. One is stuck in a static ‘material’ world, the other; about new ideas on how to live in a sustainable way.

A way to view general semantic is by either two paradigms; one - by using the analogy of how a camera works on how the lens process images through a plate; two - by the focused manifestations of mind through electrical and magnetic neurons. The difference or (a closer-truth) between the old and new paradigm is that ‘light’ is thought, and the thought of what we are intended to see is implanted within liquid crystal prism of the brain.



What is an abstraction? Is ‘to draw from’, drawing/receiving stimuli while also meaning ‘drawing inferences’. An important factor to point out is the image is not the ‘thing-in-itself’ to identify the two the same way is confuse orders of abstraction. The zero order must come before the first, and that zero order is the ‘energy configuration’, any confusion with image to the ‘thing’ itself is to live in ignorance about the dynamic nature of life’s processes. Physicists postulate that there is no such thing as the ‘static world’, everything changes, transforms internally and externally. Furthermore, out of the infinite range of frequencies/energies only a small portion is registered and processed. This means the very nature and structure of the human nervous system only some bandwidths can be registered and so many aspects of nature are unknown to us. In the film the matrix neo approaches cipher after his slumber and asks cypher, ‘do you always see it in coding?’, where cypher replies, ‘well you have too, ...image translators work for the program’. (The Matrix 1999)


Spiritual evolution takes form in cellular-up-regulation through light waves and other factors; the result is having more enzymes waking up or a re-connection both in the cells and psyche to a past where we had a higher spiritual self. If you thought the old paradigm is abstract the new paradigm goes deeper. The dialectical response to the ‘thing itself’ not being the image, is that ‘thing itself’ is pre-implanted through our brains as subliminal suggestions and we believe in these senses when all it is …is light.

The second order of abstraction is about labelling, when one assigns a label (word) to the image then becomes substantive. This is an unconscious expression, ‘a tree’, ‘my body’, ‘my wife / my husband’, etc. General semantics is about identifying symbols (words) and becoming aware of the conscious and unconscious aspect of it. Order of abstraction is a natural process, but has pitfalls and one of those pitfalls is identifying the word with the label, when the label stands for (the image or the ‘thing itself’). In my previous essay ‘Prometheus’s fire or Lucifer’s light’ exemplifies such a pitfall, when people associate Lucifer with Satan or Jesus and so forth. Korzybski said: 'The map is not the territory', this is what general semantic is about. You won’t find these thought processes in our educational system, the corruption lies therefore in ignorance. If such a notion is embraced by the educational institutions such knowledge can work as programs that can factor in …a collective change of thought.

Corruption (confusion) in the orders of abstraction:

Understanding general semantics is way to decipher mind viruses, brainwashing mechanisms (advertising, media –alternative/mainstream), which is a way of controlling or managing truth. Liberation from such structures validates a higher truth, so as to recognise well –funded, well-planned false flags and hoaxes, which rarely has victims, but not always (one event that stands apart is the 9/11 event, a false flag event that had victims, a constructed situation using technological advancements with corrupt institutional backings, which makes this event a pivotal point in history because they made themselves known). Post 9/11 showed or awakened people to a new enemy an empire, which for most people were oblivious to. Also, the realisation on how deep the control goes from media (entertainment / reality) to corporatism to government. The result of this event paved way to a rampart disinformation and misinformation dialectical war on everything under the sun. There are many vested interests at stake and so by being alert from mainstream, independent and alternative media raises self-awareness can change the structure from the bottom-up. Within each group, fractioning groups will be born for instance an alternative to the alternative-media because truth can be bought, and so ultimately is up to the common individual. While at same time, which is an important factor is having ‘faith’ not just a belief in god, but a belief in ‘faith’ as well.

Examples of confused abstraction:


There is a Human tendency to identify them with the images they abstract from the dynamic configurations in the energy-world. Along with adding values that’s attributed to these images and complete a world of false-to-fact abstractions is built, hampering a free flow of creative energy. This leads to what we call ‘blockages’ ' (also leading to blockages in the nervous system, 'body', etc.) The solution is to abstract consciously, about which Vitvan writes in his booklets 'Veil of Maya', 'Perceptive Insight' and 'Clear Thinking'. (Euser M, 2007)


Vitvan recommends not using words for which no proper referent or reference has been established, building up words, labels, and so forth for higher order abstractions. We form notions upon hearing words that we don’t have referents to, and so the nervous system creates artificial referents after repeated exposure to such words. Resulting into false-to-fact notions, continual habitual use of words which do not have referents is devastating, both individually and racially. There is no way to Jump from ‘C’ to ‘A’ without proper indication, and strictly advices not to use words with no referents.


Michael Keefe.


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